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Article Archives

2024-16-07 Rescuing and rehabbing former lab animals and finding them loving homes.
2024-09-07 Man rescues dog from the brink of a thousand-foot cliff.
2024-02-07 An ex-church is rebuilt into apartments for former foster children.
2024-25-06 After a car crash, dog jumps out of the car, runs to her safe place.
2024-18-06 Grubhub driver and daughter deliver lunch to an animal shelter, leave with a dog.
2024-11-06 A 3-pound infant left at a fire station, finds a loving home.
2024-04-06 A customer who tipped $10,000 on a $32.43 restaurant bill.
2024-28-05 Forever His Valentine.
2024-21-05 Uniting to bake thousands of breads to feed those in need.
2024-14-05 Five puppies rescued by a homeless man.
2024-07-05 Inky, a lost little kitty, found in an unlikely place.
2024-30-04 The Holocaust Survivor Band.
2024-23-04 For the first time in its nearly 50-year history, last Christmas every shelter pet had a home.
2024-16-04 Cecil, a beautifully behaved dog, who ate $4,000.
2024-09-04 Bringing love and safety to senior citizens.
2024-02-04 The lost dog that rang the doorbell to say it was home.
2024-26-03 Saving an unusual library.
2024-19-03 Rescuing a tiny dog without paws.
2024-12-03 Dr. Kwane Stewart, the street vet who treats the pets of the homeless.
2024-05-03 Picasso, a dog with a rare facial deformity, was left behind in shelters for being, "ugly."
2024-27-02 No-one wanted Elvis the Dog, until an ex-Elvis impersonator arrived.
2024-20-02 Just as her dogs were about to be euthanized, a stranger rescued them.
2024-13-02 Starky, a missing cat who reappeared after disappearing for 8 months.
2024-06-02 Nubz the chicken, solving foot problems with stylish special boots.
2024-30-01 An infant puppy who survived a massive earthquake.
2024-23-01 Falling in love at 96.
2024-16-01 A man who rescues children in need.
2024-09-01 When the prescription was a kitten.
2024-02-01 Leo the cat, reunited with his human companions after nearly a month on his own in Alaska
2023-26-12 Transforming buses into mobile classrooms to educate migrant children.
2023-19-12 Australian Labradoodle Charlie, who helped save two families from a blazing inferno.
2023-12-12 A Best Friend To Squirrels.
2023-05-12 After nearly 70-years, devoted pen pals finally meet.
2023-28-11 Rescuing a partially paralyzed dog.
2023-21-11 Zebby, a kitten that captured a lonely woman's heart.
2023-14-11 Fields of gold.
2023-07-11 An unwanted dog who languished in a shelter for 11-years, finds a loving home.
2023-31-10 Celebrating Golden Retrievers.
2023-24-10 Providing free medical equipment to those in need.
2023-17-10 With his secret fortune, a modest man put 33 people through college.
2023-10-10 A 200-dog birthday salute to a dog lover.
2023-03-10 An incredible rescue of a dying dog.
2023-26-09 Homeless man rescues a family from an apartment engulfed in flames.
2023-19-09 The bank robbery that wasn't.
2023-12-09 Professor Chad, an inspiring guide dog.
2023-05-09 Sacrificing a victory to help someone else in need.
2023-29-08 The Puppy Bus, lovingly bringing dogs together for their daily walk.
2023-22-08 A single teenage mom was losing her babies to foster care until her nurse stepped in.
2023-15-08 Officer Percy, an unusual police officer.
2023-08-08 A mobile home park manager who makes sure her tenants have enough food.
2023-01-08 What happened when two lonely geese, Frankie and Blossom, went on a blind date together.
2023-25-07 How Shauna Devenport, for over 30 years, has run a food bank on her front porch.
2023-18-07 Best of Buddies, A Rescue Dog and A Rescue Goat.
2023-11-07 The Baby Squirrel Whisperer..
2023-04-07 A baby turtle who survived a treacherous 4,000-mile swim from the U.S. to Ireland.
2023-27-06 Delilah the stowaway cat, who touched many hearts after joining the family road trip.
2023-20-06 Rescuing a dog sealed in a wooden box and left to die.
2023-13-06 A foster child with severe medical needs, in need of a home, is adopted by his teachers.
2023-06-06 A homeless mother unable to afford her dog attached a note to her collar, "Please love me," and tearfully said goodbye.
2023-30-05 A retired man with modest savings who secretly paid for strangers' medications.
2023-23-05 The inspiring lesson of an empty chair.
2023-16-05 A little penguin who traveled 5,000 miles each year to visit his rescuer.
2023-09-05 A donor who makes anonymous cash gifts to strangers.
2023-02-05 Cole, a puppy unwanted at first for being deaf, he is now a top therapy dog.
2023-25-04 At 190-years-of-age, meet Jonathan the tortoise, the world's oldest land animal.
2023-18-04 A tiny penguin who joyously waddles around in her new custom-made sandals.
2023-11-04 Land of Hope: Rescuing abandoned Nigerian children.
2023-04-04 AeroAngel: Saving Children's Lives.
2023-28-03 The lost dog that took herself to the police station.
2023-21-03 Confronting intense fire, heat, and smoke, a man saved the lives of 5-children.
2023-14-03 A dying dog dumped in a parking lot, against all odds survived and is now healthy and strong.
2023-07-03 A special aviation museum attraction, five adorable kittens living in a 1950's jet.
2023-28-02 An adoring dad who presents a rose to his daughter each day.
2023-21-02 A severely injured farmer whose community united to help.
2023-14-02 Joie Henney and his roommate WallyGator, a loving and gentle alligator.
2023-07-02 Surfer dog Rosie, a Santa Cruz sensation.
2023-31-01 Rescuing senior dogs, and their senior human companions.
2023-24-01 49-year-old Ray Ruschel, college football's oldest player.
2023-17-01 Rob Heitz, a former paraplegic, he swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco.
2023-10-01 Rescuing Netty, a 15-year-old dog her human family would have had euthanized.
2023-03-01 The nurse who saved a baby's life during an airline flight.
2022-27-12 Lucas, a little penguin gets a new pair of shoes.
2022-20-12 A boy who was severely bullied because of his dwarfism, until friends came to his rescue
2022-13-12 A Dog's Seeing Eye Cat.
2022-06-12 23-years-later, a student thanks his teacher for making a huge difference in his life.
2022-29-11 Luis Ruiz, bringing joy to hospitalized children in casts.
2022-22-11 Meet Clayton, A Loving EMS Therapy Dog.
2022-15-11 A mother and her 7-year-old daughter start a flower shop to help others.
2022-08-11 Boy sews Teddy Bears to donate to sick children.
2022-01-11 Rescuing Cheddar, a rare and beautiful lobster.
2022-25-10 Kindergartners who help raise baby turtles and then set them free.
2022-18-10 A vulnerable little kitten rescued from a Walmart Pepsi Machine.
2022-11-10 Thieves robbed her of her dogs, the community returned them.
2022-04-10 The Chicago White Sox made a 7-year-old cancer patient's dream come true.
2022-27-09 Kelley Dixon-Tealer: Connecting with her enslaved great-great-great grandfather.
2022-20-09 A retired pilot who delivers rescue animals to loving homes.
2022-13-09 Goodwill employee returns $42,000 mistakenly donated among clothing.
2022-06-09 Crossing guard hit by a speeding car while saving a child's life.
2022-30-08 A young woman who declined a $40,000-college scholarship so someone in greater need could have it.
2022-23-08 A boy who traded his prized Xbox, and worked odd jobs to buy his mother a car.
2022-16-08 A man who risked his life to save an 18-month-old girl from drowning.
2022-09-08 Bud McQuade, a 40,000-flower tribute to his beautiful wife Florence.
2022-02-08 Gus, a 3-legged dog with cancer, who saved an infant otter.
2022-26-07 Dave Carlson: A garbage worker who rescued a puppy from being crushed.
2022-19-07 Cab Driver Johnny MacLellan, who stunned a hospital with his $1.68 million donation.
2022-12-07 Andrew McLindon, who has donated 475 special needs bikes to children in need.
2022-05-07 A High School Robotics Team That Uplifted a Toddler's Life.
2022-28-06 Valentino, nearly dead, this abandoned kitty is now a loving companion.
2022-21-06 A Los Angeles area RV Park owner who helps those in need.
2022-14-06 Parks the dog: A godsend to hospitalized children.
2022-07-06 Ryan Pasborg: Risked his life to save a mother and her 4-year-old child.
2022-31-05 Collette Divitto, changing the world one cookie at a time.
2022-24-05 Dr. George Berci, a surgical pioneer still actively practicing medicine at age 101.
2022-17-05 The Lincoln Tunnel Motel, offering free rooms for those down on their luck.
2022-10-05 Gary Burns: Building beds for children in need.
2022-03-05 How Rosie, an adorable little penguin with disabilities is inspiring children with disabilities.
2022-26-04 Sponsoring a refugee Afghan family: a synagogue, a mosque and a church.
2022-19-04 Ginny Burton: From a 12-year-old meth addict, to a 17-time felon to a college graduate with honors.
2022-12-04 Cristina Pena: A hospital custodian who influenced her daughter Johana to become a doctor.
2022-05-04 A message in a bottle from a distant shore.
2022-29-03 Bowls for Food: Donate to a foodbank; receive a beautiful handmade wooden bowl.
2022-22-03 A puppy unable to walk bonds with a pigeon unable to fly.
2022-15-03 An Anonymous Secret Santa who each year gives away thousands of dollars to those in need.
2022-08-03 A beloved store about to close until customers rescued it.
2022-01-03 An artist who turns old tires into cozy beds for stray dogs and cats.
2022-22-02 Pickles, Goose and Shadow, fortunate donkey rescue center residents.
2022-15-02 It took a village to rescue Hank, a 1 1/2 year old kitty.
2022-08-02 The Healing Power Of Kittens.
2022-01-02 11-year-old Evan Bisnauth: Helping hard-to-place shelter dogs find homes.
2022-25-01 Made Janur Yasa: Trading rice for plastic.
2022-18-01 Wes Jackson, a high school football player with down syndrome scores a special touchdown.
2022-11-01 Zuko, a tiny terrier rescued at sea.
2022-04-01 90-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Jeanie Shaffer, who handmakes hats for newborns.
2021-28-12 Sadie, an unwanted rescue dog, who saved the life of the man who rescued her.
2021-21-12 Good Samaritans save a wheelchair bound man from an onrushing train.
2021-14-12 Frank Grassberger: A World War 2 veteran who met the woman who, as a girl, wrote him a life-changing letter 12-years ago.
2021-07-12 Isaac Oduro: Rescuing a school and a library in Ghana.
2021-30-11 Maria Andrejczyk: An Olympian who sold her Silver Medal so a baby could have life-saving surgery.
2021-23-11 80-year-old Eugene Bostick, rescues stray dogs, and takes them on adventures!
2021-16-11 In celebration of women.
2021-09-11 A chicken who is the preschool traffic patrol officer.
2021-02-11 12-year-old Chicago girl Kerry Koranteng: A godsend to children in Ghana.
2021-26-10 Teens create wheelchair stroller so disabled dad can stroll with his newborn son.
2021-19-10 A very special visitor for Arnold the Goose.
2021-12-10 How Mary O'Neill, nearly 100, and 2-year-old Benjamin Olson, became best friends.
2021-05-10 Al Nixon: Uplifting the world one person at a time.
2021-28-09 Eliot Middleton: A restaurant owner and former mechanic who fixes old cars and donates them to those in need.
2021-21-09 Cincinnati Firefighter Jenny Adkins, who rescued Gertie, a dog in dire need.
2021-14-09 St. Bede's Episcopal Church of New Mexico: Paid off the medical debt for many poor people.
2021-07-09 Brayden Morton: When he caught the thief who stole his dog, he sent her not to the police but to rehab.
2021-31-08 16-year-old Shane Jones: Buying repossessed storage unit contents and returning them to their original owners.
2021-24-08 John Holaday: A 77-year-old Vietnam Veteran robbed of his savings, but rescued by teenagers in his community.
2021-17-08 Bryson Kliemann: An 8-year-old boy who struggled valiantly to save his 4-month-old puppy.
2021-10-08 Damien Lanning: A special needs foster child who found his "forever" home.
2021-03-08 Love at first sight: A boy missing a leg and a puppy missing a paw.
2021-27-07 Latonya Young: A single mother of 3, who got her bachelor's degree with the help of her Uber passenger.
2021-20-07 Linda Owens: Foster Mother to 81 infants, over almost 34 years.
2021-13-07 70-year-old Marine Corps Veteran James Johnson braved a billowing fire to rescue his neighbor.
2021-06-07 Nicole Coyne: She rescues dying dogs and gives them loving end of life care.
2021-29-06 Thatsaphon Saii: A Thai sailor who bravely rescued 4 kittens from drowning.
2021-22-06 Shonda Lemon: A mail carrier who saved the life of her 89-year-old customer.
2021-15-06 Jose Villaruel ("Mr. V"), a remarkable teacher rescued by one of his students.
2021-08-06 Les Ruefenacht: An 80-year-old grandfather who builds free desks for low-income students.
2021-01-06 Henry Darby: A High School Principal who took a 2nd job to help his poorest students.
2021-25-05 Calvin Tyler, in his youth, unable to afford Morgan State University he dropped out. Now he and his wife Tina are donating $25-million in scholarships.
2021-18-5 Ryan Sivley: Rescuing people and pets from Texas' Arctic storm.
2021-11-5 Billy Adams: Beautifying his community wherever he goes.
2021-04-05 Darrion Cockrell: The 2021 Missouri Teacher of the Year.
2021-27-04 A female medical team in the Alaskan Arctic Circle: Braving the harsh winter weather to vaccinate villagers from Covid-19.
2021-20-04 Boncuk, a loving little white dog who supported her human companion in his time of COVID.
2021-13-04 Dr. Omar Atiq: A cancer specialist who forgave the $650,000 in medical bills his patients owed him.
2021-06-04 Ric Jackson: His business pays him in smiles, chocolates and pumpkin bread.
2021-30-03 Sean Currey: A homeless man who found and returned a wallet with cash, credit cards, health-care cards and ID.
2021-23-03 Sayde: Spreading puppy love.
2021-16-03 Mike Esmond: Like a guardian angel he rescued people in his community from having their utilities turned off.
2021-09-03 The Franklin County, Kansas Sheriff's Office: A godsend to a mother with 3-year-old twins.
2021-02-03 Good Samaritans rescued a 3-year-old boy and his 8-year-old sister from a burning building, saving their lives.
2021-23-02 Eclipse: A Dog Who Rides The Bus On Her Own.
2021-16-02 Aubrey Robinson: A FedEx driver who purchased a new basketball backboard, pole and hoop for a boy in need.
2021-09-02 Rob Adams: Once homeless, his non-profit delivered 2,500 free Thanksgiving meals in 2020.
2021-02-02 A customer's remarkable generosity to a restaurant's staff during the pandemic.
2021-26-01 Wilhelm Edelmann, a Nazi, who in 1938 Germany risked his life to warn Benjamin and Emma Heidelberger, a Jewish couple, of impending danger.
2021-19-01 John Kinney: An electrician who helped rebuild the dilapidated home of 72-year-old Gloria Scott for free.
2021-12-01 Nurse Taylor Pikkarainen: Her kidney saved a toddler's life.
2021-05-01 Safe in Austin: A Texas animal sanctuary that connects special needs kids with special needs animals.
2020-29-12 Jennifer Martin: A teacher who built a free library for children.
2020-22-12 Camie Loritz: A nurse whose partial liver donation saved an 8-year-old boy's life.
2020-15-12 Baby Yoda to the rescue.
2020-08-12 5 Good Samaritans who rescued a desperate family from raging flood waters.
2020-01-12 LaShenda Williams: Homeless and living in their parking lot, the store hired her.
2020-24-11 Robert Johnson: A one-man cheerleader for a hospital medical staff.
2020-17-11 Bentley Boyers: A little boy with a cleft lip, who fell in love with a puppy with a cleft lip, and they adopted each other.
2020-10-11 The Irish and Iroquois National Lacrosse Teams: A great example of sportsmanship.
2020-03-11 Tim and Cindy Howells: Providing therapy horses for people with special needs.
2020-27-10 Peter Rork: A retired doctor who now rescues thousands of homeless pets.
2020-20-10 Jimmy and Marilyn Curcuru: Because of age and infirmity they can no longer maintain their home, now many others are helping them.
2020-13-10 Tyler and Melanie Tapajna: A bride and groom who served their wedding food to the people in a shelter.
2020-06-10 Randi Emmans Bailyn and John Suazo: A couple who rescued a homeless man.
2020-29-09 Rob Young: He helped save his neighborhood from a fast-moving fire.
2020-22-09 Emma Smreker Davis: Bringing the past back to life.
2020-15-09 Jaclyn Garcia: A 9-year-old girl bringing kindness to the world.
2020-08-09 Marty Von Drasek: A 68-year-old nurse who came out of retirement to help during the pandemic.
2020-01-09 Mary Daniel: When the pandemic prevented her from visiting her husband at an assisted living facility, she found a very interesting way to overcome it.
2020-25-08 An Unlikely Friendship.
2020-18-08 James Weldon Johnson: Writer of the beautiful "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing," now commonly called the "Black National Anthem.".
2020-11-08 Lynda Doughty: The Seal Whisperer.
2020-04-08 The Power of a Trashed Pencil.
2020-28-07 Alex Johnson: Physically Disabled, he helps others to experience the use of a wheelchair as he does.
2020-21-07 Kiplin Auto: A car dealership that welcomes the homeless in their cars to stay overnight.
2020-14-07 Ken Felmlee: His bone marrow transplant saved the life of an 11-year-old girl.
2020-07-07 Linda Herring: Foster Mother to over 600 children.
2020-30-06 Antonio Gwynn Jr., An 18-year-old peaceful protester who cleaned the streets of Buffalo, NY after a riot.
2020-23-06 Byron Woods, a pandemic closed his barbershops, a remarkable act of kindness reopened them.
2020-16-06 95-year-old Barbara Hinckley was swindled out of her savings. With heartfelt compassion her community generously replaced the money.
2020-09-06 A heartwarming tribute to Mister Rogers.
2020-02-06 Dr. Sarah Schecter: A school principal who donated a kidney to save the life of a parent.
2020-26-05 Keanon Lowe: A coach who disarmed and hugged a despondent student, averting yet another potential gun tragedy.
2020-19-05 A mom and pop gym surviving its pandemic closure because of its members' generosity.
2020-12-05 Mike Megonigal: A Virginia man who found a remarkable way to help others in need.
2020-05-05 John Botti: He took immediate action to help farmers and food banks
2020-28-04 Greg Dailey: A newspaper deliveryman who now delivers far more than the news.
2020-21-04 The dramatic rescue of a baby seal.
2020-14-04 Bashar Masri: A Palestinian building Rawabi, a magnificent new Palestinian community.
2020-07-04 Rudy Quinones: Owner of an auto restoration shop who paid off an employee's mortgage so the man could retire.
2020-31-03 Eva Gordon: A woman of seemingly modest means who left nearly $10-million for 17 community colleges throughout Washington state.
2020-24-03 RIP Medical Debt: A charity that buys medical bills and cancels them for those in need.
2020-17-03 Suzy: A stray dog who became a family blessing.
2020-10-03 Adam Armstrong: Donating toys to poor children.
2020-03-03 Maurine "Mighty Mo" Kornfeld: A 97-year-old swimming champion.
2020-25-02 A remarkable approach to homelessness: Tiny Home Communities.
2020-18-02 Charlie Skabelund: A 5-year-old boy who ordered a McDonald's Happy Meal on 911 Emergency Services.
2020-11-02 Bob Williams: A 95-year-old who expresses his love for humanity in a simple yet powerful way.
2020-04-02 Lori Wood: A nurse who 'adopted' a homeless man so he could have a heart transplant.
2020-28-01 Chloe Newman: An 18-year-old who donated hundreds of new prosthetic leg Barbie dolls to girls with prosthetic legs just like hers.
2020-21-01 Hakki Akdeniz: Now a New York pizza mini-mogul, he was once homeless.
2020-14-01 Afroz Shah: Since 2015 he and other volunteers have removed 60 million pounds of garbage from India's beaches.
2020-07-01 Travis Snyder: A U.S. Marine veteran who hiked 810 miles in 42 days around Lake Michigan to raise public awareness of veteran suicides.
2019-31-12 Dr. Wale Sulaiman: A prominent U.S. neurosurgeon who performs free surgeries for the poor in Nigeria.
2019-24-12 Najah Bazzy: She and her Detroit nonprofit, Zaman International have helped over a quarter of a million poor women and children.
2019-17-12 A couple's dramatic rescue of their beloved dog Katie after 57-days in the wild.
2019-10-12 Chad Pregracke: Cleaning up the U.S.'s vast pollution problem, one piece of garbage at a time.
2019-03-12 Curtis Whitson: Trapped atop a 4-story high waterfall, his desperate note in a water bottle brought his and his party's rescue.
2019-26-11 Howdy Homemade Ice Cream: Employing Special Needs People.
2019-19-11 Jon Potter: A 29-year-old man who serves as a guardian angel.
2019-12-11 Elizabeth Barker Johnson: A 99-year-old World War ll veteran who was formally presented with her college degree 70-years after graduating from college.
2019-05-11 Dr. Staci Lee: Her profound gift saved a man's life.
2019-29-10 Chris Downey: A blind architect.
2019-22-10 Ethiopia: Reforesting a nation.
2019-15-10 Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins: At 103, the oldest woman to compete in U.S. track
2019-08-10 USA Patriots: Amputee military veterans helping physically limited children.
2019-01-10 Danny & Ron's Rescue: A godsend for unwanted dogs.
2019-24-09 Vision To Learn: Providing free eye exams and glasses to poor children.
2019-17-09 Rob Mendez: A football coach with no arms or legs.
2019-10-09 Ernie Andrus: A 95-year-old World War ll Veteran who is running across the U.S.
2019-03-09 A Hopeful and Unusual Environmental Story.
2019-27-08 Mohan Sudabattula: Rescuing and refurbishing used wheelchairs and walkers and giving them to the poor.
2019-20-08 Feelie Hearts: A beautiful way to help grieving children.
2019-13-08 Sascha Breuer: A Hollywood hairdresser who also gives haircuts to the homeless.
2019-06-08 Suzelle Poole: A 78-year-old ballet dancer.
2019-30-07 Felix Narte: Risking potentially violent racism to rescue a Japanese-American family.
2019-23-07 Doctor saves infant, then infant saves doctor.
2019-16-07 Ruth Henricks: Serving love one meal at a time.
2019-09-07 Keshia Thomas: A black teenager who rescued a Ku Klux Klan supporter from an irate mob.
2019-02-07 Peter Tabichi: A 36-year-old teacher in Kenya who donates 80% of his paycheck to help his students.
2019-25-06 Kazi Mannan: How his popular restaurant feeds the poor and the homeless yet is still profitable.
2019-18-06 Liz Smith: A hospital nursing director who adopted an unwanted, drug ravaged baby.
2019-11-06 Tani Adewumi: An 8-year-old chess champion despite living in a homeless shelter.
2019-04-06 A Little Coffee Shop With A Big Heart.
2019-28-05 October Books: When this small bookstore had to move, hundreds of volunteers moved it.
2019-21-05 Karl The Therapy Dog: A Hero to Traumatized Children.
2019-14-05 Dan Knapp: Helping to rescue mankind from its billions of tons of garbage.
2019-07-05 Josette Duran: Packing two lunches a day, one for her son, and one for his friend who can't afford lunch.
2019-30-04 Sam Matagi: A man with no hands who rock climbs, drives a car, ties a necktie and who teaches other handless people how to do so.
2019-23-04 Luke Mickelson: Building beds for children who have none.
2019-16-04 Marek Bush: A top high school athlete who did something special.
2019-09-04 Alan Naiman: A Seattle social worker who left a stunning $11-million, mostly to children's charities.
2019-02-04 Tiny Tim's Toy Foundation: A maker of free toy cars for poor children throughout the world.
2019-26-03 In the owners' time of crisis, competitors ran their mom and pop bookstore.
2019-19-03 Shirley Ordonio: Making playgrounds accessible for disabled children.
2019-12-03 Cody Enloe: An Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer whose quick action saved 3-children.
2019-05-03 Candice Payne: Who rescued over 100-homeless people from the freezing cold.
2019-26-02 Kevin Booth: A homeless man who handed a bag containing $17,000 to a food bank.
2019-19-02 Raul Baez: A former hard-core convict helping other convicts to make new lives.
2019-12-02 The Duck Patrol
2019-05-02 How 95-year-old Wally Richardson captures the hearts of middle school students.
2019-29-01 Bob Charland: A dying man making an amazing gift to poor children.
2019-22-01 Anthony Mancinelli: At age 107, the world's oldest barber.
2019-15-01 Pat Dugan: Who built a cute shelter to keep an 8-year-old autistic boy warm while he waits for his school bus.
2019-08-01 Great heroism in the face of death.
2019-01-01 Mike Niles: Bringing love and companionship to lonely senior citizens.
2018-25-12 David Simpson and Kathy Fletcher: They provide a loving home to young people in need.
2018-18-12 Jose Alberto Gutierrez: A garbage man who runs a free library for the poor.
2018-11-12 Dashrath Manjhi: A man who carved a path thru a mountain, one scoop at a time.
2018-04-12 Qudsiya Naqui, a nearly blind woman who once a week rides a bike.
2018-27-11 The Giving Closet of Carolyn Collins.
2018-20-11 Wangari Maathai (1940 - 2011): The first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
2018-13-11 Leo Goodwin: A 50-year-old first time entrepreneur who started what is today a giant household name company.
2018-06-11 Damian Aspinall: Rescuing endangered species.
2018-30-10 Callie Terrell: A 100-year-old hairstylist.
2018-23-10 Ernie LaMere: Who converted a garbage dump into a lush walking trail.
2018-16-10 Dr. V: A savior of sight for millions of people.
2018-09-10 The Magic Mirror of Betty Peck.
2018-02-10 Ray "Red" Woolley: Guinness Book Of Records 95-year-old Scuba Diver.
2018-25-09 Bella Marshall: A 3rd Grader who helps to feed poor children.
2018-18-09 Johan van Hulst: Who helped save more than 600-Jewish children during the Holocaust.
2018-11-09 Matt Tomaszewski: He risked his life to save two swimmers caught in a riptide.
2018-04-09 Koko (1971 - 2018), An intelligent gorilla with amazing talents.
2018-28-08 Carol Gardner: It's never too late to become a successful entrepreneur.
2018-21-08 Lisa LaVerdiere: Providing a loving home for old, sick and disabled pets.
2018-14-08 Dr. Rob Gore: An ER doctor who rescues at-risk youths.
2018-07-08 Kimberly Bermudez: A 1st grade teacher who received a remarkable gift of charity to help her students.
2018-31-07 Vinoba Bhave (1895 - 1982): His historic act of charity.
2018-24-07 Lek Chailert: Rescuer of endangered Asian elephants.
2018-17-07 Shelby O'Neil: A 17-year-old Girl Scout persuading giant companies to eliminate or slash their use of environment damaging plastics.
2018-10-07 Guadalupe Palacios: A 96-year-old Mexican woman fulfilling her dream of going to high school.
2018-03-07 Preeta Bansal recalls how a neighbor's kindness, led to a 50-year family friendship.
2018-26-06 Mamoudou Gassama: Who risked his life to save a 4-year-old child.
2018-19-06 Freddie Sherrill: A recovering drug addict and former homeless man who recently graduated from college at age-65.
2018-12-06 Carlos Manuel Sera: Who at age 81 just graduated from Georgetown University 63-years after he began.
2018-05-06 An amazing 119-year-old small business!
2018-29-05 Fred Rogers: How he uplifted the lives of millions of children.
2018-22-05 A remarkable story of a disabled boy, a coach and a race.
2018-15-05 Paul Tasner: How at the age of 66, he became a first-time entrepreneur, and a blessing to the environment.
2018-08-05 Jack Ely: The lead-singer of a then unknown band, that in a $50-recording session, recorded one of the biggest hits ever.
2018-01-05 Samir Lakhani: A simple act that helps save thousands of children from death.
2018-24-04 Phil Coyne: Baseball usher since 1936 retires at 99.
2018-17-04 Come Dance With Us: A loving place where special-needs children learn to dance.
2018-10-04 Jahmal Cole: Rescuing his neighbors after a snowstorm.
2018-03-04 Sabrina Ma: The difference kindness can make.
2018-27-03 Bruce McCandless: Going where no-one else had gone before.
2018-20-03 Robert Adler: Creator of a popular product that has brought convenience to many millions of people.
2018-13-03 Grandma Moses: Who began her famous career at the advanced age of 76.
2018-06-03 Laura Ingalls Wilder: Bestselling Author, "Little House on the Prairie" series
2018-20-02 Jose Andres: A chef who fed millions of people in crisis.
2018-13-02 Rita Pierson: An outstanding teacher and educator, with a great sense of humor.
2018-06-02 Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Educating girls in Afghanistan.
2018-30-01 Khalida Brohi: Empowering Pakistani Women.
2018-23-01 Adolfo Kaminsky: How he and his three-person team saved more than 14,000 Jews and others during World War ll.
2018-16-01 A Life-Changing Partnership Between Two Friends.
2018-09-01 Jonny Hickey: A troubled 8-year-old autistic boy rescued by Xena, a rescue puppy.
2018-02-01 Bob Votruba: A million acts of kindness.
2017-26-12 Bob Votruba: A million acts of kindness.
2017-19-12 Ralph Braun: Who revolutionized mobility for disabled people.
2017-12-12 Robert Robinson Taylor: The U.S.'s first accredited black architect, and his great work.
2017-05-12 Mama Rosie Mashale: Providing a loving home to children no-one else wants.
2017-28-11 Dr. Ruth Pfau ("fow"): The Mother Teresa of Pakistan.
2017-21-11 Anita Moorjani: A life-changing visit into death.
2017-14-11 Keith Davison: Who at age 94, found a new and joyful purpose in his life.
2017-07-11 Jadav "Molai" Payeng: A man who planted a forest now bigger than New York's Central Park.
2017-31-10 Padmaja Murtinty: A doctor who learned a valuable lesson from an unexpected source.
2017-24-10 Sacks of Hope: A remarkable class project.
2017-17-10 Marion Pritchard: Who rescued an estimated 150-Jews from execution during World War II.
2017-10-10 The magic in a child's heart.
2017-03-10 Bitty & Beau's Coffee: Providing jobs and joy for disabled people.
2017-26-09 Wisdom For The Ages.
2017-19-09 Lucy Kurien: A godsend to mothers and children in need.
2017-12-09 Dr. Giuseppe Moscati: A miracle worker.
2017-05-09 Ida Keeling: A 102-year-old sprinter.
2017-29-08 Greg Mahle: Rescuing Unwanted Dogs.
2017-22-08 An 8th grader with a big heart.
2017-15-08 Pen Farthing: He reunites loving pets from Afghanistan with the soldiers who had to leave them behind.
2017-08-08 Duval Pierre: Transforming a slum.
2017-01-08 A man who overcame repeated rejection to become highly successful.
2017-25-07 Jeison Aristizabal: A disabled man educating disabled children.
2017-18-07 Sanduk Ruit and Geoffrey Tabin: Eye-surgeons responsible for restoring sight to millions of poor people.
2017-11-07 Donate or Recycle Old Clothing.
2017-04-07 Linda Myers: A godsend to Navajo elders.
2017-27-06 Dr. Bhaskar Choudhury: A veterinarian who rescues endangered species.
2017-20-06 Dr. Sarojini Agarwal: How the loss of her daughter led her to become the mother of 800-girls.
2017-13-06 Dr. Laura Stachel: Saving thousands of lives with solar energy.
2017-06-06 Dr. Rebecca Crumpler: The first African-American female doctor.
2017-30-05 Carol Donald: Foster mother to over 100-children.
2017-23-05 Alexandra Christ: Bringing joy to refugee children and to other poor children.
2017-16-05 Laurel Burch: The inspiring story of this physically limited, hugely successful, self-made artist.
2017-09-05 A Beautiful 3-Minute Mother's Day Video.
2017-02-05 Grace Nicholson: "The Treasure House."
2017-25-04 Mohamed Bzeek: A godsend to terminally ill children.
2017-18-04 Umra Omar: Bringing love and healthcare to rural coastal Kenya
2017-11-04 Raj Karmani: Delivering surplus food from businesses to those in need.
2017-04-04 Rose Broome: A new way to help the homeless.
2017-28-03 Bhagwati Agrawal: Providing clean water to 10,000 villagers.
2017-21-03 Larsen Jay: Bringing the joy of flowers to over 185,000 healthcare patients.
2017-14-03 Satish Kumar: A Pilgrimage for Peace.
2017-07-03 Daryl Davis, A black man who befriends white racists.
2017-28-02 A school in a cargo container.
2017-21-02 Courage in the face of bigotry.
2017-14-02 Colbert Nembhard: Bringing books and joy to homeless children in The Bronx, New York.
2017-07-02 Joe Thomas Sr. At 55-years-old, he hoped to become one of the oldest college football players ever.
2017-31-01 Susan La Flesche Picotte: The First U.S. Native-American Doctor.
2017-24-01 Dr. Jim Withers: A doctor to the homeless.
2017-17-01 E.J. Jackson: Who lived a message of hope in South Central Los Angeles.
2017-10-01 Eileen Ash: A 105-year-old Mini-Cooper driving, yoga enthusiast.
2017-03-01 Daniel Thompson: A school teacher who revolutionized bagel production.
2016-27-12 Nancy Gianni: Founder of GiGi's Playhouse Downs Syndrome Achievement Centers.
2016-20-12 A couple that brings love to humanity.
2016-13-12 Uniting Muslims and Christians in peace.
2016-06-12 Leslie Robinson: An American who used his life-savings to start an animal shelter in India.
2016-29-11 Ken Moore and Bob Wright: Angels of mercy during one of the world's bloodiest wars.
2016-22-11 Wally Healey: A homeless "street artist."
2016-15-11 Brothers Altman and Ali Smith, and Andres Gonzales: Bringing love and compassion to a violent inner-city neighborhood.
2016-08-11 Hyvon Ngetich: Turning seemingly certain defeat into victory.
2016-01-11 An eye-opening experience in humanizing homeless people.
2016-25-10 Laura Moulton: She runs a lending library for homeless people.
2016-18-10 Dr. Charles Eugster: A 97-year-old bodybuilder.
2016-11-10 Michael Fukumura: Who quit a lucrative law practice to live a more fulfilling life.
2016-04-10 Abdul Sattar Edhi: Pakistan's Angel of Mercy.
2016-27-09 Sherri Franklin: A godsend to old dogs.
2016-20-09 Bobbi Gibb: Who grabbed headlines in 1966, by becoming the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Today's story is about her accomplishments since then.
2016-13-09 Bobbi Gibb: The first woman to run the Boston Marathon.
2016-06-09 Amy Murphy: Who as "The Chicken Lady," has become a friend to the homeless.
2016-30-08 Johnny Barnes: A man who brought happiness to thousands of people with a very simple act.
2016-23-08 Community Café: Where customers pay whatever they want.
2016-16-08 Allan Law: A guardian angel to the homeless.
2016-09-08 Angelo Pangalos: Bringing joy to strangers.
2016-02-08 Rift Valley Children's Village: A place of miracles.
2016-26-07 Moina Shaiq: And her "Meet A Muslim" program.
2016-19-07 Soichiro Honda: Who rose from building motorbikes in a shack to become a global car titan.
2016-12-07 Luma Mufleh: Helping refugee children from war-torn nations.
2016-05-07 Dr. John Bonica: The founder of modern pain management.
2016-28-06 Narayana Peesapathy: Rescuing the environment one spoon at a time.
2016-21-06 John Newton: Author of "Amazing Grace," and the amazing story behind this popular hymn.
2016-14-06 A 3-Minute Father's Day Salute.
2016-07-06 Iris & Thula: The story of a six-year-old autistic girl and her kitty.
2016-31-05 Jas Boothe: Rescuing homeless women veterans and their children.
2016-24-05 George Dawson; He didn't learn to read and write until he was 98 years of age and co-authored a bestselling book at the age of 102.
2016-17-05 Darshan Chandan: A small act of kindness that now helps to feed 1200 children.
2016-10-05 Mohammad Al Saedi: Bringing hope and healing to a war zone.
2016-03-05 Paul Smith: An artist with severe cerebral palsy, who created beautiful canvasses by typewriter
2016-26-04 Muharrem: A deaf man who received a wonderful surprise from his community.
2016-19-04 Carole Kirkwood (1945 - 2015): Neither rich, nor famous - she uplifted many lives.
2016-12-04 Chuck Williams: A non-businessman who helped build a business empire.
2016-05-04 Estella's Brilliant Bus.
2016-29-03 Veronika Scott: Founder of The Empowerment Plan, employing formerly homeless women to make coats for the homeless.
2016-22-03 Nick Lowinger: An 18-year-old high school student whose volunteer foundation has donated 45,000 pair of shoes to homeless shelter children in 43 U.S. states.
2016-15-03 Greg Kloehn: he builds tiny homes for the homeless.
2016-08-03 Haben Girma: The first deaf-blind Harvard Law School graduate.
2016-01-03 Rev. Rick Curry: how he turned a handicap into a blessing.
2016-23-02 Jody Farley-Berens: A helping hand to single parents in crisis.
2016-16-02 Dr. Bob Shushan: Through the Exceptional Children's Foundation (ECF), he helped to open the world to special needs people.
2016-09-02 Brice Royer: In his struggle against cancer, he made a remarkable discovery.
2016-02-02 Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes: Rescuing children in horrific circumstances.
2016-26-01 Don Luciano Chuman: An 83 year old homeless man rescued by his community.
2016-19-01 Dr. Walter Graf: A paramedic pioneer.
2016-12-01 Marty Sheets: Special Olympics Champion.
2016-05-01 Henning Mankell: A bestselling author with an unusual education.
2015-29-12 B. Virdot: An amazing act of generosity.
2015-22-12 Maisie Hymers: An 8 year old girl who saved her money for a year to buy Christmas gifts for sick children.
2015-15-12 The Moringa Community: Creating jobs and helping to feed the poor in rural Ghana.
2015-08-12 Dr. Everett Parker (1913 - 2015): His actions caused broadcasters to hire minorities and women and to broadcast the news with greater journalistic integrity.
2015-01-12 Phyllis Shaughnessy: A great-grandmother who serves free lunches to children in need.
2015-24-11 The Love Kitchen: "Everybody is God's Somebody."
2015-17-11 Dr. Wayne Dyer (1940 - 2015): a speaker and author whose inspirational books made him one of the most successful people in this field.
2015-10-11 Dr. Edward Jenner: His smallpox vaccine saved millions of lives.
2015-03-11 Inez Russell: A friend to those in need.
2015-27-10 Dr. Daniel Ivankovich: Doctor to the poor.
2015-20-10 Dr. Jonas Salk: He donated his multi-billion dollar polio cure to help humanity.
2015-13-10 Elvera Hornung: Through her caring and guidance, she uplifted thousands of lives.
2015-06-10 Paul Cuffee: A self-made black man who despite widespread discrimination built a shipping empire.
2015-29-09 Maggie Doyne: How a teenage girl used her babysitting money to start an orphanage and then a school.
2015-22-09 James McCune Smith: The man who overcame seemingly impossible odds to become the first African American doctor.
2015-15-09 Michael Swaine: Mending holes in the lives of others.
2015-08-09 Joseph Lister: The father of modern surgery.
2015-01-09 Siphiwe Baleka: How 8/10's of a second dramatically changed his life.
2015-25-08 Sister Judy Vaughan: A godsend to women and children fleeing homelessness, domestic violence or human trafficking.
2015-18-08 Harris Rosen: Leading the remarkable resurrection of a community.
2015-11-08 Cathy Heying: Helping those in need one transportation car at a time.
2015-04-08 Mark Bustos: Each Sunday, he gives free haircuts to the homeless and the poor.
2015-28-07 Dave Isay: His fascinating story of collecting the wisdom of humanity two people at a time.
2015-21-07 Michael Blake: He became an Oscar winning writer despite the long odds against him.
2015-14-07 Hamid Slimi: A Muslim who raised money to repair a vandalized church.
2015-07-07 Eddie LeBaron: An all-star football player too small to play football.
2015-30-06 Tony Tolbert: He gave a rescue shelter family the free use of his home.
2015-23-06 Earl Lloyd: The 1st black player in the N.B.A.
2015-16-06 Dick Post: One of the great scientists of our time who kept advancing science throughout his 96 year life.
2015-09-06 Doreetha Daniels: At age 99, she became one of the oldest community college graduates ever.
2015-02-06 Sam Simon: "The Simpsons" co-creator who donated most of his fortune to charity.
2015-26-05 The Fowler Family: Hosting a banquet for 200 homeless people.
2015-19-05 Delmer Kallberg: A working man who surprisingly donated $3.3 million to help skid row charities.
2015-12-05 Kathleen O'Keefe: She quit business for a remarkable life of public service.
2015-05-05 Momofuku Ando: The noodle king.
2015-28-04 Priscilla Sitienei: Getting a grade school education at age 90.
2015-21-04 Tony Verna: He revolutionized televised sports by creating instant replay.
2015-14-04 Ike Schambelan: Stage director and mentor to disabled actors and writers.
2015-07-04 Bernice Gordon: The 101 year old crossword puzzle superstar.
2015-31-03 Sargy Mann: The renowned blind painter.
2015-24-03 Jack A. Weil: At age 107, one of the oldest CEO's ever.
2015-17-03 Connie Reeves: At age 101, the world's oldest cowgirl.
2015-10-03 Peggy Cherng: How she and her husband Andrew started and built giant restaurant chain Panda Express.
2015-03-03 Michele Serros: Despite her lack of self-confidence, how she became a successful writer.
2015-24-02 John Shields: How he built Trader Joe's into a giant grocery store chain.
2015-17-02 How two brothers with no money in post-World War ll Germany built an international grocery store empire.
2015-10-02 Herman Badillo: "The first Puerto Rican everything."
2015-03-02 Frederick "Fred" McKinley Jones: He revolutionized the delivery of refrigerated food.
2015-27-01 Dr. Vincent Harding: Who wrote one of the most controversial speeches in U.S. history.
2015-20-01 Billie Letts: A career teacher who became a bestselling author at age 60.
2015-13-01 Comer Cottrell: After turning $600 into $80 million, what he did with much of the money.
2015-06-01 Comer Cottrell: How he turned $600 into $80 million.
2014-30-12 A Message Of Hope
2014-23-12 Charles Dickens: The remarkable story behind "A Christmas Carol"
2014-16-12 Jerrie Mock: The first woman to make a solo flight around the world.
2014-09-12 Terry Moakley: A disabled rights activist whose actions led to major changes that helped the disabled worldwide.
2014-02-12 James Garner: Who survived a hellish early life to become a Hollywood Superstar.
2014-25-11 James Garner: How he overcame a difficult early life to become a Hollywood Superstar.
2014-18-11 George "Citizen" Barrett: A Tennessee lawyer who took cases most lawyers avoided.
2014-11-11 Helen Bamber: The compassionate voice for 50,000 torture victims.
2014-04-11 John Sperling: Who successfully fought the educational establishment and revolutionized higher education.
2014-28-10 B.K.S. Iyengar: Who overcame rejection and ridicule to spread yoga across the world.
2014-21-10 Bel Kaufman: Who at the age 54 published her first book, and it became a worldwide best seller.
2014-14-10 Angela Peterson: The foundation of her community.
2014-07-10 Lillian Rubin: A best-selling author who didn't publish her first book until she was 48 years of age.
2014-30-09 Yves Potvin: From an acorn does a giant tree grow.
2014-23-09 Dr. Emilio Alvarez Montalvan: Nicaragua's courageous voice of democracy.
2014-16-09 Jaime Escalante: How he became one of the world's most respected teachers.
2014-09-09 Dr. Philip Brickner: A doctor who made house calls to the poor.
2014-02-09 Paula Kent Meehan: From high school dropout to business mogul.
2014-26-08 Don Miyada: Who waited 72 years for his high school graduation ceremony.
2014-19-08 Irene Fernandez: The voice of the oppressed in Malaysia.
2014-12-08 Jean Norris: Who created books the blind and the sighted could read together.
2014-05-08 Juan Knight: How he, an ex-slave became a vastly wealthy man.(Part 2)
2014-22-07 Juan Knight: An ex-slave who became one of the wealthiest men of his time. (Part 1)
2014-22-07 Just For Today.
2014-15-07 Nicholas Winton: Who saved the lives of 669 children.
2014-08-07 Van Vlahakis: Who started with just $22 and later built a $100 million a year company.
2014-01-07 Gene Estess: Who left Wall Street for a greater mission, to help the homeless.
2014-23-06 Phyllis Frelich: Groundbreaking deaf actress.
2014-17-06 Hobie Alter: The man who revolutionized surfing and sailing.
2014-10-06 Ruth Ryon: How she created a very popular newspaper column.
2014-03-06 Dr. Richard Grossman: From a tragedy how he created groundbreaking patient burn care.
2014-27-05 Jerry Marcil (part 2): How he overcame his financial meltdown to build a real estate empire.
2014-20-05 Jerry Marcil (part 1): How he built a real estate empire starting with no money.
2014-13-05 Horst Rechelbacher: A 4th grade dropout who built a global cosmetics empire.
2014-06-05 Bill Davila: From floor sweeper to president of a giant supermarket chain.
2014-29-04 7 Crucial Life Lessons.
2014-22-04 Nick Vujicic: Who despite having no arms or legs lives a wondrous life.
2014-15-04 Maxine Kumin: From crushing rejection to Pulitzer Prize winning poet.
2014-08-04 Miguel Gonzalez Reynoso: From struggling U.S. immigrant to co-founder of a successful supermarket chain.
2014-01-04 Morrie Turner: How a simple act of kindness led to his success.
2014-25-03 Michael Sporn: How childhood heartbreak led to a wonderful career.
2014-18-03 Russell Johnson, An actor in a quirky role that made him globally famous for the rest of his life.
2014-11-03 Ella Baker: One of the great, yet largely unknown U.S. civil rights leaders.
2014-04-03 Raul Ruiz: Who rose from a family of poor farmworkers to become a doctor.
2014-25-02 Dave Gold: Who built what is now a 332 store business empire on 99 cent sales.
2014-18-02 Mary Peake: A black woman who risked her freedom to educate slaves.
2014-11-02 Bill Porter: The power of the human spirit.
2014-04-02 Lou Brissie: Who despite a devastating war injury became a baseball star.
2014-28-01 Bob Wian: Who with just $350 founded what became a giant restaurant chain.
2014-21-01 James Duff: How he overcame great odds to become a successful Hollywood television writer.
2014-14-01 Gene Kazan: Whose new business was saved by a compassionate banker.
2014-07-01 Richard Allen: A former slave who started what became a giant global church.
2013-31-12 Augusto Odone: Who rejected doctor's opinions and saved his son's life.
2013-24-12 Julia Morgan: Who became one of the world's great architects against seemingly impossible odds.
2013-17-12 Kumar Pallana: Who at age 77 achieved his lifetime dream.
2013-10-12 Tom Clancy: From humble beginnings, how he became a bestselling author.
2013-03-12 Dr. Hedda Bolgar, the 103 year old world renowned psychologist.
2013-26-11 Wisdom of The Master.
2013-19-11 Dr. Candace Pert: From cocktail waitress to science superstar.
2013-12-11 Murray Gershenz, who had two remarkable careers.
2013-05-11 Cal Worthington: A 9th grade dropout who built a car sales empire.
2013-29-10 Lois Weber: One of early Hollywood's most powerful people.
2013-22-10 Ralph Lauren: How rejection helped him build a multi-billion dollar global fashion empire.
2013-15-10 Gary David Goldberg: A hippie who made it big in Hollywood.
2013-08-10 Leonard Marsh, co-founder of a giant business built upon a simple idea.
2013-01-10 Berthold Beitz: A courageous man, and a most unlikely savior of human life
2013-24-09 A tale of a homeless man, a pastor and a large congregation
2013-17-09 John Goddard: A real life version of Indiana Jones.
2013-10-09 How Bernard Waber made his unlikely dream come true
2013-03-09 Bob Fletcher: Who saved three families from losing nearly everything they owned
2013-27-08 The Rewards of Rejection
2013-20-08 Are You Someone's Angel?
2013-13-08 Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to graduate from a U.S. Medical School
2013-06-08 Besedka Johnson: Who at age 85 became an actress
2013-30-07 Rabbi Herschel Schacter: A voice of God when it was most desperately needed.
2013-23-07 Dorothy DeBolt: co-founder of the U.S.’s first special needs adoption agency.
2013-16-07 Career Advice From A Former CEO
2013-09-07 Hiram “Harry” Bingham IV, a U.S. diplomat who helped rescue 2500 Jews and others from the Nazis during World War ll
2013-02-07 Cory Hahn: A paraplegic man conquering the impact of paralysis
2013-25-06 Gandhi: A simple but remarkable act of charity.
2013-18-06 George Aratani: Against long odds he built three successful businesses.
2013-11-06 What is success?
2013-04-06 Joyce Dumont: The remarkable story of a mother to 69 children
2013-28-05 15 year old Jack Andraka: Who in 2012 made a discovery that could revolutionize the diagnosis of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancers.
2013-21-05 Harriet Tubman: A slave who risked her life to rescue numerous other slaves and whose actions set the course that rescued many thousands more.
2013-14-05 Gerda Lerner: A feminist leader, professor and author who revolutionized the field of women’s history.
2013-07-05 Becky Tarbotton: An environmental leader who made the world a better place.
2013-30-04 Jeanne Manford: A beacon of hope for gay people and their families.
2013-23-04 Abraham Lincoln: A remarkable story of perseverance.
2013-16-04 One of life’s profound secrets for success.
2013-09-04 Phiona Mutesi: From illiteracy and hopelessness in the slums of Uganda to a chess champion.
2013-02-04 Charles Durning: A top character actor who didn’t succeed until he was nearly 50 years old.
2013-26-03 Charlie Chaplin: Whose tragic childhood led him to become a world famous comedian.
2013-19-03 Cleve Duncan, a singer with just one hit, but that song became a classic.
2013-12-03 Thaddeus Stevens, one of the U.S.’s greatest leaders.
2013-05-03 Mary Putnam: One of New York’s first female physicians.
2013-26-02 Arnold Greenberg, who co-founded what became a giant business based upon a simple idea.
2013-19-02 Jessica Govea Thorbourne: The voice of an angel.
2013-12-02 Stan Ovshinsky: An inventor with little formal education, whose inventions dramatically changed the world.
2013-05-02 Will Oprah succeed or fail with her OWN television network?
2013-29-01 Life's Little Miracles
2013-22-01 7 Valuable Lessons from my 67 years of life
2013-15-01 Downtown Mary: A remarkable story with an important lesson for each of us.
2013-08-01 How Dr. Peter Praeger, a heart surgeon, became the head of a multi-million dollar food company, and two valuable lessons we can learn from his experience.
2013-01-01 Jennifer Jaff: A leading civil rights leader for those with severe chronic illnesses.
2012-25-12 Dr. Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, prominent physician and abolitionist whose actions during the U.S. Civil War saved the lives of many thousands of soldiers then and since then millions more lives all over the world.
2012-18-12 John Lindsey: Who made his “impossible dream” come true through remarkable persistence.
2012-11-12 Dr. Howard Schatz: The unusual story of a preeminent doctor who left his medical practice to become a world renowned photographer.
2012-04-12 Jake Eberts: An exceptional movie producer who succeeded by making films others rejected.
2012-27-11 Dame Cicely Saunders: Hospice Care Pioneer.
2012-20-11 Michael Clarke Duncan: From ditch digger to famous actor.
2012-13-11 Stan Avery: How with just $100 he started a multi-billion dollar global company.
2012-06-11 Dr. Janusz Korczak: An incredible act of bravery.
2012-30-10 Chuck Huggins: Lessons from a man whose remarkable way with people led him to rise to CEO and build a highly successful company.
2012-23-10 What I Know Now: A Letter to My Younger Self
2012-16-10 Would You Like To Be Rich?
2012-09-10 Evelyn B. “Mama Bird” Johnson: Record setting female pilot.
2012-02-10 Margarete Steiff: Who overcame polio and bias to start and build a major company.
2012-25-09 Harry Eisen: A Holocaust survivor with a limited formal education who made a fortune and gave much of it to charity.
2012-18-09 Tom Murrin: A Beverly Hills attorney who quit his law practice to pursue his true passion.
2012-11-09 10 Words That Could Lead You To Great Success.
2012-04-09 Michael Delees: You don’t have to be rich to be wealthy.
2012-28-08 Elizabeth Keckley: Ex-slave, successful businesswoman and close friend, confidante and advisor to Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln.
2012-21-08 David Overton: How a failed rock ‘n’ roll career led to the building of a restaurant empire.
2012-14-08 Lee Rich: Who in mid-life changed careers and at first failed before he became a top Hollywood producer.
2012-07-08 How actress Ann Rutherford risked her career to get the role of a lifetime.
2012-31-07 How Ray Bradbury became a top writer despite having no college education or formal training.
2012-24-07 Nolan Miller: Who rose from poverty to the pinnacle of Hollywood glamour.
2012-17-07 Jack Twyman: Who at just 23 became his friend’s lifelong protector after that friend was severely injured.
2012-10-07 Walter L. Gordon Jr.: An attorney who built a successful practice against long odds.
2012-03-07 Dr. Leila Denmark: For over 70 years, a pediatrician to tens of thousands of children.
2012-26-06 Dr. Tina Strobos: Who with her mother risked their lives to save over 100 Jews and save others as well from the Nazis during World War ll.
2012-19-06 Cesar Millan: “The Dog Whisperer,” from being homeless to becoming a Hollywood star.
2012-12-06 Rog Severson, who after a severe spinal cord injury, helped thousands of other people suffering from spinal cord injuries.
2012-05-06 Will Oprah’s new OWN television network succeed or fail?
2012-22-05 Louis Braille: whose Braille language has opened a treasure trove of knowledge and opportunity to millions of blind and visually impaired people.
2012-15-05 Valentin Hauy, the man who opened the first school for the blind, and a hero to Louis Braille.
2012-08-05 How you can easily uplift the life of another person and uplift your own life in the process.
2012-01-05 How Wilma Rudolph rose from polio and poverty to become one of the most recognized persons of her time and an inspiration to others.
2012-24-04 At a remarkable 104 years of age, Wesley Brown was the oldest active judge in U.S. history.
2012-17-04 Scott Wilson, a teacher whose massive landscape of the Los Angeles area began just a few little trees at a time.
2012-10-04 How Mae Laborde at 93 became a successful actress.
2012-03-04 Dr. Muriel Petioni, “the mother of medicine in Harlem.”
2012-27-03 Mum Bett, whose lawsuit led to an end to slavery in Massachusetts.
2012-20-03 Curt Grove, a man who had the courage to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.
2012-13-03 From Derreck Kayongo: Saving millions of lives with a piece of trash.
2012-06-03 The remarkable 95 year career of Bill Tapia, the “Duke of Uke.”
2012-28-02 How Jeno Paulucci borrowed $2,500 and built a food empire.
2012-21-02 The amazing story of Alan Mootnick.
2012-14-02 How at the age of 100, Dr. Hans Keilson became a bestselling author.
2012-07-02 When Oprah Winfrey got fired, it initally devastated her. Then it turned out to be a godsend.
2012-31-01 Great fortune may come to you when you least expect it.
2012-24-01 Burt Sperber, a gardener who began with $700 and built a global landscaping empire.
2012-17-01 Itzhak Perlman, who overcame a crushing disease to become one of the world’s greatest and most famous violinists.
2012-10-01 How Warner T. McGuinn, with help from Mark Twain became one of America’s most prominent black attorneys.
2012-03-01 As I Grow Old I’ve Learned:
2011-27-12 “Father Dollar Bill:” Father Maury Chase, who was a beacon of hope to Los Angeles’ destitute.
2011-20-12 Flora Chavez, a guardian angel.
2011-13-12 5 success lessons from Gene Kazan, a top businessman and a renowned voice of reason.
2011-06-12 Frances Bay, who didn’t become an actress until her 50’s yet still succeeded in Hollywood.
2011-29-11 Fred Fay, A disabled rights activist who helped to uplift the world.
2011-22-11 How Sally Goodgold’s “Bagel Diplomacy” made New York City a far better place to live.
2011-15-11 How Erno Rubik accidentally invented his famous Rubik's Cube.
2011-08-11 Why actor Peter Falk, best known as the great detective Lieutenant Columbo, didn’t become an actor until he was nearly 30 years old.
2011-01-11 Albertina “Mama” Sisulu, the mother of South Africa’s liberation movement.
2011-25-10 Harry Bernstein, who at 96, achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a famous writer.
2011-18-10 The incredible story of Holocaust Survivor Dr. Felix Zandman.
2011-11-10 How Dick Wimmer overcame 25 years of rejections to attain his dream.
2011-04-10 Ray Anderson, a successful businessman who became a top environmentalist.
2011-27-09 Jane Way: Her successful Sutter Creek Inn was one of California’s first B&B’s.
2011-20-09 Dr. George Franklin Grant, the 1st African American Harvard Professor.
2011-13-09 How Kip Tiernan founded America’s 1st homeless shelter for women.
2011-06-09 How Sam Perricone, an 8th grade dropout, built a business empire.
2011-30-08 G.D. Spradlin, a self-made multimillionaire who in middle age became a successful actor.
2011-23-08 How Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aid.
2011-16-08 How Norbert Olberz built a corporate giant from a tiny mom and pop business.
2011-09-08 Joe Wong, an unusual comedian.
2011-02-08 How Thomas Edison overcame a lack of formal education to create inventions that would change the world.
2011-26-07 How George Ballas made a fortune by inventing the Weed Eater.
2011-19-07 How a failed business led Louis Stumberg to enormous success.
2011-12-07 The remarkable story of Arthur Lessac, the renowned vocal coach.
2011-05-07 Henry Taub, who with his brother and a friend built a giant global company, at first on a shoestring budget.
2011-28-06 How Harry Coover invented Super Glue by accident.
2011-21-06 How Frank Lampl, a Holocaust survivor overcame long odds to become a business giant.
2011-14-06 Hearing the voice of God
2011-07-06 Ben Weingart orphaned at 4 and with only a 3rd grade education, made a fortune and then lost it during the 1929 stock market crash. Now middle aged, could he make a comeback?
2011-31-05 Orphaned at 4 and with just a 3rd grade education, how Ben Weingart later made a fortune.
2011-24-05 Ed Gallagher: A blind man who sails the San Francisco Bay.
2011-17-05 A valuable lesson from a tortoise.
2011-10-05 Harold Russell, an accidental movie star.
2011-03-05 Milton Levine, who built a very successful company from an unusual but simple business idea.
2011-26-04 How ex-slave Nancy Gooch became a successful businesswoman and the California Gold Rush landmark she later bought.
2011-19-04 The remarkable role actress Gloria Stuart waited a lifetime for.
2011-12-04 How Jack LaLanne’s life was dramatically changed at a woman’s club meeting.
2011-05-04 How Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s response to a physical attack uplifted the civil rights movement.
2011-29-03 In the worst of times, opportunity glimmers.
2011-22-03 Helen Chaplin, who built a very successful business career starting at the advanced age of 47.
2011-15-03 Gil Garfield, an early rock star who overcame a dark secret to build two more successful careers.
2011-08-03 Joe Lumer, who made a fortune with parking lots and donated much of it to help others.
2011-01-03 Fred Hargesheimer, a World War ll pilot whose life was saved by Pacific Islanders who he later repaid many times over for their profound kindness.
2011-22-02 Sally Goodrich, who from the tragic loss of her son, uplifted the lives of thousands of people.
2011-15-02 Oscar Micheaux, the father of African-American film making.
2011-08-02 Bill Hohri, thrown in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, he later fought for justice and against long odds, got it for himself and for others.
2011-01-02 Baby Marie Osborne, a silent film child star whose real life was far more dramatic than her movie roles.
2011-25-01 Paul Miller, who suffered from what others thought of as a disability and used it to become a leading disability rights activist, attorney and professor.
2011-18-01 Vera Brown, who built a successful business in her 60’s and then did something even more remarkable.
2011-11-01 Irving Berlin, a self-trained songwriter with a 2nd grade education who became the biggest selling songwriter in history.
2011-04-01 George Nissen, trampoline creator who despite the skepticism it would never amount to anything, made it a global sport and an Olympic event.
2010-28-12 Ernst Leitz, a German industrialist who risked his life and the lives of his family to secretly save hundreds of Jewish people from the Nazis.
2010-21-12 A life changing rescue by an Angel of Mercy.
2010-14-12 How Nicolas Hayek became a billionaire using simple business ideas overlooked by others.
2010-07-12 Frank McCourt, a retired New York school teacher who at age 66 launched a remarkable writing career.
2010-30-11 In her last stage of life, a woman learned an invaluable lesson that could benefit us all.
2010-23-11 How Peter Cooper built one of America’s great fortunes despite attending only one year of grade school.
2010-16-11 Stephen J. Cannell, who overcame an almost impossible limitation to become a top Hollywood writer.
2010-09-11 How an embarrassing childhood incident helped to create a successful husband, father and businessman.
2010-02-11 How Daniel Ludwig, an 8th grade dropout became one of the world’s wealthiest men.
2010-26-10 Basketball superstar Michael Jordan: His greatest career failure and the blessing it became.
2010-19-10 An 84-year-old unsolved mystery about the great mystery writer Agatha Christie.
2010-12-10 A remarkable act of honesty by a poor dishwasher.
2010-05-10 Paul Longmore, a scholar and disabled rights leader who made the world a better place.
2010-28-09 Donald Shiley, a tinkerer who revolutionized heart valves and made a fortune.
2010-21-09 How Jon "Jack" Douglas through hard work and a positive attitude willed himself to sports and business stardom.
2010-14-09 How two of the world’s richest men began with no money and built a global retail empire.
2010-07-09 Advice that could bring you a greater, happier and longer life.
2010-31-08 The extraordinary story of Bert Shepard, a one-legged Major League Baseball player.
2010-24-08 Harriet Johnson: severely disabled, she refused to accept society’s limitations on her and uplifted herself and many other disabled people.
2010-17-08 Harvey Korman: After 20-years, an overnight success.
2010-10-08 Do you have an “impossible” dream you hope to achieve?
2010-03-08 Remote Area Medical: A medical lifeline for thousands of people.
2010-27-07 How comedian Eddie Murphy overcame incredible odds to succeed.
2010-20-07 A powerful but simple lesson that could uplift your life.
2010-13-07 How street performer Guy Laliberte became a billionaire.
2010-06-07 Ezra Nawi, a Jewish man who confronts the Israeli government on behalf of voiceless Palestinians.
2010-29-06 How high school dropout Chris Haney co-created one of the most popular games of all-time.
2010-22-06 A personal memory of Coach John Wooden.
2010-15-06 How Richard LaMotta made a fortune with ice cream, cookies and chocolate chips.
2010-08-06 Doris Eaton Travis, who succeeded repeatedly by reinventing herself several times over her 106 year life.
2010-01-06 A mysterious mountain man with an unusual business.
2010-25-05 Wilma Mankiller, who rose from the San Francisco government housing projects to lead the Cherokee Nation.
2010-18-05 The death of a business, the birth of a successful entrepreneur.
2010-11-05 How Bruce Llewellyn overcame racial segregation and limited financial resources to become one of America's wealthiest black men.
2010-04-05 A little piece of heaven in a small Nebraska prairie town.
2010-27-04 How a widowed single mother with an 11 month old child built 2 successful businesses.
2010-20-04 Granny D, who at 89 years old walked 3,200 miles across the continental United States for campaign finance reform.
2010-13-04 Khadijah Williams, a homeless girl who rose from skid row to receive a Harvard scholarship.
2010-06-04 How Dr. Anita Figueredo, a confidant of Mother Teresa, became a female surgical pioneer.
2010-30-03 How Glen Bell started Taco Bell with just $4,000, made his fortune, and the remarkable turns his life took afterward.
2010-23-03 How Glen Bell started Taco Bell with just $4,000.
2010-16-03 How a sideline business turned Fred Morrison into a multi-millionaire.
2010-09-03 Chief Phillip Martin, who against seemingly impossible odds, led the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians from poverty to prosperity.
2010-02-03 Today a remarkable man will share a valuable lesson in life’s priorities.
2010-24-02 How Putty Henck, a successful real estate developer, found his dream job.
2010-16-02 How Frannie Buss, television’s first female director, succeeded against almost impossible odds.
2010-09-02 Valuable business lessons from the career of Sol Price, one of the world’s greatest retailers.
2010-02-02 Is it too late for you to further your education?
2010-26-01 A valuable lesson from Kim Peek, the real life “Rain Man.”
2010-19-01 How you can earn 20% or more on your money, risk free.
2010-12-01 Steve Meltzer, a man who built a wonderful business by doing what he loved.
2010-05-01 How Kirk Kerkorian, a man with just an 8th grade education became a billionaire. (part2)
2009-29-12 How Kirk Kerkorian, a man with just an 8th grade education became a billionaire. (part1)
2009-22-12 Two of the most important words in any language.
2009-15-12 Mildred Cohn, who overcame widespread bigotry to become one of the great scientists of our time.
2009-08-12 15 Minutes to a Better, Happier You.
2009-01-12 How a simple idea, hard work and a love of people let a man with little money or education build a corporate giant.
2009-24-11 John Alexander Somerville, a 20th Century black man who overcame extreme racial barriers to become successful. [Part 2]
2009-16-11 John Alexander Somerville, a black man who overcame extreme racial barriers to become a 20th Century business success.
2009-10-11 How a multi-billion dollar business was started with just $7,000.
2009-03-11 A successful entrepreneur who got her business idea in a most unlikely place.
2009-28-10 How a woman built a glamorous career she didn’t start full-time until she was 66.
2009-20-10 Retired at 60, how a working man then made a fortune doing what he loved.
2009-13-10 The path to a happier life.
2009-06-10 What Andrew Carnegie, Cary Grant and Sidney Poitier have in common that could benefit you.
2009-29-09 How businessman Herb Kirk attained some of his greatest accomplishments after age 60, as he lived to a robust 106.
2009-22-09 The story of Dr. Jim Marsters, who co-invented a device that uplifted millions of lives.
2009-15-09 Advice for remaining eternally young from the life of Eli Finn, a successful businessman who lived to be 107.
2009-09-08 How Jack Barry built WD-40 into a global powerhouse.
2009-09-01 How a largely uneducated farm boy made one of the biggest fortunes in U.S. history.
2009-08-25 The story of Sidney Poitier
2009-08-18 Ulysses S. Grant, his stunning financial collapse and remarkable resurrection.
2009-08-11 How you can protect your job and get ahead in a bad economy.
2009-08-04 A man who turned a defeat into success and how you can too.
2009-07-28 How a kind word from you could uplift someone else's life and yours as well.
2009-07-21 The magic in a child’s heart.
2009-07-14 A simple way to reduce your stress and live a happier life.
2009-07-07 Starting a new career at the age of 45.
2009-06-30 If only you knew the facts, you would respond differently.
2009-06-23 Learning to savor life's little moments.
2009-06-16 Laid-off by his employer, an entrepreneur is born.
2009-06-09 Is it too late for you to accomplish your dreams?
2009-06-02 Christopher Nolan: an award winning writer despite being quadriplegic and mute.
2009-05-26 Today: A very special skill for success.
2009-05-19 Sol Londe: A loving doctor who saved the lives of tens of thousands of children.
2009-05-12 A dirty little secret and the life it changed.
2009-05-05 John Redfud, a dedicated teacher who uplifted the lives of thousands of students.
2009-04-28 Would you risk fame and fortune over a principle? All-star baseball player Curt Flood did.
2009-04-20 Today: The key to successful relationships.
2009-04-13 Today: A valuable secret to a happy marriage.
2009-04-06 Biddy Mason, an ex-slave who became a successful and compassionate businesswoman.
2009-03-30 An obnoxious oaf gets his comeuppance and learns a valuable lesson from it.
2009-03-24 Mrs. Eberhard, a compassionate and dedicated teacher who uplifted a thousand lives.
2009-03-17 93-year-old fitness expert Terry Robinson offers you advice for a long and happy life.
2009-03-10 Helen Suzman, a brave voice of conscience in what was apartheid South Africa.
2009-03-02 How Dale Wasserman’s impossible dream came true and how yours could too.
2009-02-17 Today: A valuable lesson from a Salvation Army cadet.
2009-02-09 One of the richest men in U.S. history did something that benefits you today.
2009-02-03 Today: The richest man in America and how he got to be that way.
2009-01-27 Today: A valuable lesson from the tale of two chipmunks.
2009-01-20 Today: Oseola McCarty and her extraordinary life-changing gift.
2009-01-13 Today: Count your blessings.
2009-01-05 You can make a wonderful difference in this world.
2008-12-30 Today: Is your heart big enough to make room for those in need?
2008-12-23 Today: A life changing rescue by an Angel of Mercy.
2008-12-15 Today: Fired at 43, how a middle aged man turned a layoff into a far better career.
2008-12-09 Today: How to make a wonderful memory today that will touch your heart for the rest of your life.
2008-12-02 Today: One of life’s most generous gifts and it’s one everyone can afford to give.
2008-11-24 Today: A profound yet simple message from a penniless, homeless woman.
2008-11-18 Today: A humble penniless woman who walked the earth to help bring peace.
2008-11-11 Today: That Which Is Most Precious In Life.
2008-11-04 Today: Life’s Greatest Gift.
2008-10-28 Today: The Greatest Secret To Success.
2008-10-21 Abie Nathan: A One Man Peace Activist.
2008-10-14 Irena Sendler, a humble woman who helped save 3,000 Jewish children from the Nazis.
2008-10-07 Today: Advice that could bring you a greater, happier and longer life.
2008-09-30 Today: The extraordinary story of Bert Shepard, a one-legged Major League Baseball player.
2008-09-22 Today: A simple and easy way you could become much more popular.
2008-09-16 Harriet Johnson: severely disabled, she refused to accept society’s limitations...
2008-09-09 Harvey Korman: After 20-years, an overnight success.
2008-09-02 Do you have an “impossible” dream you hope to achieve?
2008-08-26 Remote Area Medical: A medical lifeline for thousands of people.
2008-08-18 Today: A simple act of kindness that will bring you one of life’s greatest joys.
2008-08-11 Today: How you can become much more popular and productive.
2008-08-05 Today: A simple and effective way you can use to become far more persuasive.
2008-07-29 Today: The difference family can make.
2008-07-22 The Universal Soldier who protects us all.
2008-07-15 Today: A self-made billionaire who is quietly donating all his money to uplift humanity.
2008-07-08 A Stunning Alert: How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis
2008-07-01 Would being rich solve your problems?
2008-06-24 Today: A rich man who found greater meaning in life surrendering his fortune and living with and helping the poor and the sick.
2008-06-17 Today: As strong as a tree trunk, as gentle as a leaf.
2008-06-09 Today: A secret behind the all-time best selling book, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”
2008-06-03 The devil made me do it.
2008-05-27 Today: What may become a revolutionary new cure for cancer.
2008-05-20 Today: A Cure for Cancer?
2008-05-13 Today: From the mouths of babes.
2008-05-06 Cincinnatus, a man who could have ruled the Roman Empire but instead returned to his small farm.
2008-04-29 Ken Hendricks, a struggling high school dropout who became a billionaire.
2008-04-22 A fascinating fact you probably never knew. When America was founded it nearly became a dictatorship
2008-04-14 Do you have an “impossible” dream you hope to achieve?
2008-04-08 Today: Advice for a happy and healthy life from 92-year-old fitness expert Terry Robinson.
2008-03-31 Today: A rich man who gladly surrendered much of his wealth to help the poor.
2008-03-25 Today: A wonderful way to give your life greater meaning.
2008-03-18 Betty Tisdale: An Orphan’s Angel - Part 2.
2008-03-11 Betty Tisdale: An Orphan’s Angel.
2008-03-04 Would you risk your life and the lives of your family to save other people?
2008-02-26 A life lesson from a 15-year-old boy.
2008-02-18 Today: A valuable marital lesson that began with Ray, a man with 7-divorces.
2008-02-12 Lt. John Withers, a courageous act of mercy, part 2.
2008-02-04 Lt. John Withers, a courageous act of mercy.
2008-01-29 A rye bread named Dick.
2008-01-22 man who made 3-fortunes by convincing the world he was crazy.
2008-01-15 Today: A man who found his remarkable destiny when he was just 5-years-old. company.
2008-01-08 Today: A man with a dream who borrowed $311 and built a multi-billion dollar company.
2008-01-01 A man who grew rich when he lost his job.
2007-12-24 Pete Gray, who accomplished the supposedly impossible.
2007-12-18 A modern day Christmas Miracle.
2007-12-11 7-Simple Tips to a healthier trimmer you.
2007-12-03 Dana Houston: whose story offers alternative ways for you to achieve your dreams.
2007-11-27 An easy way to make a fresh start in life.
2007-11-20 The immeasurable wonders your smile could bring.
2007-11-13 Nature's beauty reveals itself in an unusual way.
2007-11-06 A man who violated his integrity and sought redemption.
2007-10-29 Dr. Kumar Bahuleyan, born to extreme poverty, became rich & is donating it all 2 help others in need
2007-10-23 Two of life's most valuable lessons from 80-year-old Gene Kazan.
2007-10-15 Four valuable lessons in life from 100-year-old Arthur Winston.
2007-10-09 Through The Eyes Of A Blind Man.
2007-10-02 The Magic Of A Candle.
2007-09-24 Dr. Jim Post, who achieved the "impossible" dream (Part-2).
2007-09-18 Dr. Jim Post, who achieved the "impossible" dream.
2007-09-11 7 Powerful Tips to help make your dreams a reality.
2007-09-04 Ralph Lazo, an extraordinary act of compassion from a teenager.
2007-08-28 Your life is largely what your thoughts make of it.
2007-08-21 An effective way to give your life direction.
2007-08-14 What a 17-year-old girl did when she found an envelope full of cash.
2007-08-06 Edward Boyd, a black man who courageously confronted bigotry and helped to change America.
2007-07-31 Nola Ochs, who at 95 became the oldest person ever to graduate from college.
2007-07-24 Mimi Lerner, who overcame incredible odds to become a famous opera singer.
2007-07-15 What your subliminal messages tell others about you.
2007-07-10 Valuable lessons in popularity from "Aunt Dottie."
2007-07-03 A valuable lesson in perception from 1966.
2007-06-26 Jim Cronin, courageous animal rescuer and founder of Monkey World.
2007-06-19 Anita Bogan, a 106-year-old woman who offers another of life's greatest lessons.
2007-06-12 A 106-year-old woman offers us one of life’s greatest lessons.
2007-06-05 William Wilberforce, who overcame seemingly impossible odds to end slavery in the British Empire.
2007-05-29 Paul Secon, how he thought of a great business idea.
2007-05-22 Bert Brady, a man who volunteers his time to bring happiness to strangers.
2007-05-15 An 80-year-old woman offers us one of life’s greatest lessons.
2007-05-01 A simple tip to help you get ahead in your career.
2007-04-30 A simple act that will make you a better person.
2007-04-17 Could $1 make a difference in a child’s life?
2007-04-10 Larry Stewart, a former homeless man who made a fortune and gave away $1.3 million...
2007-04-03 Relief For Chronic Back Pain.
2007-03-27 Bill & Myrtle Williams, an African American couple who made a big difference in their inner-city com
2007-03-20 A remarkable act of faith.
2007-03-13 Al Shugart, who co-founded a highly successful business when he was nearly 50-years-old.
2007-03-06 Jack Werber, who risked his life to save nearly 700 children.
2007-02-27 The story of Medea: A tale from ancient Greece that could bring greater meaning to your life.
2007-02-20 Bob McCurry, whose ideas made automotive history.
2007-02-13 As you age, an easy way to keep your mind sharp.
2007-02-06 A simple tip that can make you more popular.
2007-01-30 The story of Jacob: A tale from ancient Israel that could change your life.
2007-01-23 How to remember names.
2007-01-16 How you can overcome the crushing blow of being fired.
2007-01-09 Dr. Muhammad Yunus, whose $27 loan changed the world.
2007-01-02 A man who turned his hobby into a successful career at 65.
2006-12-26 A tiny act of kindness that made the world a little nicer.
2006-12-19 Nelson Davis, who overcame the devastation of bigotry and poverty to become successful.
2006-12-05 A powerful psychological factor you could use to influence others.
2006-11-28 Is there too much stress in your life? If so, how you can easily find moments of peace.
2006-11-21 One of life’s great secrets for finding joy.
2006-11-14 Would being rich make you happy? The answer may surprise you.
2006-11-07 How you can receive the most treasured of all gifts?
2006-10-31 An easy way to reestablish a close relationship with a loved one you seldom see.
2006-10-24 Cora Walker, who overcame racism, gender bias and poverty to become one of New York's 1st ...
2006-10-17 Jaap Penraat, a courageous man who risked his life to save 406 people from the Nazis.
2006-10-10 Deborah Jones Part Two, a homeless woman who found greater meaning in life.
2006-10-04 Deborah Jones, Part One, a homeless woman who found greater meaning in life.
2006-10-03 An ideal role model for your children.
2006-09-19 Are homeless people a lost cause?
2006-09-12 How you can easily meet and speak with people, even if you're shy.
2006-09-05 Charlie Houng, how a poor man succeeded in business.
2006-08-29 Restoring Trust
2006-08-22 Three Good Samaritans.
2006-08-15 A valuable lesson in self-control.
2006-08-08 Gratitude, a tip that could change your life.
2006-08-01 Betty Berzon, whose zealously guarded secret threatened her career.
2006-07-25 Maggie Zaas, who uplifted thousands of lives, one by one.
2006-07-18 Lettie Schubert, a famed puppeteer whose story could help to make you more creative.
2006-07-11 Desmond Doss, a non-violent war hero.
2006-07-04 Memorable Advice from a 70 Year Marriage.
2006-06-26 Tips from a 41 Year Marriage.
2006-06-20 Freddie Laker, who overcame incredible odds to make airline travel affordable.
2006-06-13 Helen Mary Williams, an extraordinary teacher who touched thousands of lives.
2006-06-06 Can an old-fashioned family business succeed in today’s high tech corporate world?
2006-05-30 Do you think you can’t change the world?
2006-05-23 Powerful tips to reduce your stress, improve your health and find greater happiness.
2006-05-16 Hugh Thompson, astonishing heroism in the middle of a military bloodbath.
2006-05-09 St. Francis of Assisi, a rich playboy who gave-up everything he owned to help the poor.
2006-05-02 Nerses Tumanyan, profound advice from a small grocer.
2006-04-25 John Tu, how forgiveness led him to success beyond his wildest dreams.
2006-04-18 The Brooklyn Bridge, an impossible dream until the Roebling family made it happen.
2006-04-11 The canceled wedding that induced a family to help the homeless.
2006-04-04 Alexander Graham Bell, and the story of one of history's biggest business blunders.
2006-03-28 10 Blessings
2006-03-21 Stephen Hawking, finding love, joy and fulfillment despite his extreme paralysis.
2006-03-14 Andrew Carnegie, a vastly rich man who gave away his fortune to help others.
2006-03-07 Terry Robinson, a 90 year old body builder offers you great tips to enjoy better health & happiness.
2006-02-28 Charlie Merrill, Merrill Lynch co-founder with a lesson that could make or save you thousands...
2006-02-21 Simon Wiesenthal: What made the famed Nazi hunter so effective.
2006-02-14 Frank White, who was 65 when he found his true calling and then helped thousands of people.
2006-02-07 Tom Concannon, a man with little money who had the love of thousands of people.
2006-01-31 Tom Ruff, whose successful firm rose from the ashes of failure.
2006-01-24 Paul Williams, a black man who overcame overt bigotry to become a famous architect.
2006-01-17 A man who resigned unfairly in disgrace only to find something far better.
2006-01-10 Fiorello LaGuardia, N.Y.C. Mayor whose wisdom rescued a grandmother from jail time.
2006-01-03 Fred Korematsu, an American who in war time, had the courage to confront the U.S. Gov't. ...
2005-12-27 Clancy Imislund, a homeless "falling down drunk" and his remarkable story of redemption and accompl.
2005-12-20 J.C. Penney, how he lost his fortune and the "Miracle" that restored him.
2005-12-13 Rose Blumkin, a penniless immigrant who built the largest home furnishings store in the U.S.
2005-12-06 David Lee, a Good Samaritan who will reinforce your faith in humanity.
2005-11-29 Hamilton Naki, a gardener with a grade school education who helped develop human organ transplants.
2005-11-22 Cyrus Field, who risked his savings and his reputation to create the Internet of his time.
2005-11-15 Chiune Sugihara, whose courageous action saved over 6,000 lives.
2005-10-25 Plumpy'nut, an exciting life saving new product developed by accident.
2005-10-18 Real Estate Alert_October 18, 2005
2005-10-11 Ulysses S. Grant, his stunning financial collapse and remarkable resurrection.
2005-10-04 John Johnson, a Black man who overcame bigotry and poverty to build a giant company.
2005-09-27 Joe Mattucci, the poor Italian immigrant who made a fortune.
2005-09-20 Harold Benjamin, the attorney who quit his successful law practice to start...
2005-09-13 Uli Derickson, a courageous flight attendant who confronted death on a hijacked airplane.
2005-09-06 Jona Goldrich, A Holocaust survivor who became a major success.
2005-08-30 The Man Whose Life Was "Hopeless."
2005-08-23 Aristotle
2005-08-16 Wong Racom, A stranded refugee helped by the kindness of strangers.
2005-08-09 Albert Einstein
2005-08-02 Jessica Govea Thorbourne, "A farm labor activist whose work touches your life today."
2005-07-26 Sidney Poitier
2005-07-19 Walt Disney
2005-07-12 John D. Rockefeller
2005-07-05 Mike Halbouty: The legendary Texas oilman who made, lost and made vast fortunes.
2005-06-28 Lucy Grealy: The "unlovable" woman who found the key to happiness.
2005-06-21 Fred Hsieh: A poor Chinese immigrant who made a fortune in real estate.
2005-06-14 Sam Walton
2005-06-07 Joseph Pulitzer

Many of these short, inspirational success stories are about people from all walks of life who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve remarkable results. These stories contain practical advice and a recipe for success for each of these renowned individuals. Some of their stories may help you to avoid some of the costly and time consuming mistakes that many of us make in life and at work. Learn from some of history's greatest winners on how to become a winner yourself, no matter what the obstacle, and no matter how daunting the task before you may seem. Good luck!
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