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Published on Decemeber 02, 2008

Today: One of life’s most generous gifts and it’s one everyone can afford to give.

“Hello my friend,” said the warm and friendly voice as I answered the phone. “This is Nerses. I hadn’t seen or heard from you in a long time and I just wanted to see how you are.”

This kind call from my friend Nerses Tumanyan made my day. He didn’t know I’d been hurt during a workout and had shoulder surgery as a result. He didn’t know I was in intense physical therapy and hadn’t been able to drive or easily visit anyone.

What Nerses knew is he hadn’t heard from or seen me and as a friend, he called.

I brought him up to date and he shared some stories about how he and his family are doing. He also asked about my wife Anne and about our three sons and as we concluded the call, he asked me to wish everyone well.

Why is this one of life’s most generous gifts? Because his thoughtful call told me he was thinking of me. He called not to ask for something as people often do but simply to say he cares.

You could do the same. Are there people who would treasure your call? Perhaps it is an aging parent. Or an old teacher that when you were young and impressionable made a big difference in lifting your self-esteem or teaching you a valuable lesson.

Maybe it is your neighbor whose physical limitations keep him or her house bound or a person who recently lost a loved one. A few kind words from you could be a godsend.

Your investment is just a few minutes of your time but to the recipient it’s priceless. And this may surprise you but by doing it, you will feel better about yourself knowing you unselfishly gave a gift that made a meaningful difference in someone else’s life.

Success Tip of the Week: Try it. See if it doesn’t bring you as much or even more joy than it does the person you called.

In the next KazanToday: How to make a wonderful memory today that will touch your heart for the rest of your life.

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