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Published on November 27, 2007

Today: An easy way to make a fresh start in life.

Recently, I arose early and watched the sun rise, as its bright orange rays lit the sky and warmed everything it touched.

Only moments before, the sky had been pitch black and gloomy but now it became as blue as the Pacific Ocean on the shores of Maui. The silence that had prevailed quickly gave way to the birds that began to fill the air with the joy of their songs, as if celebrating a new awakening.

It was a lovely to behold, and to realize that nature doesn’t worry about yesterday, it begins each day anew. Why shouldn’t we?

We can’t change what happened yesterday. But we can learn from our experience and grow from it. If we’ve done something wrong, we can make amends by our actions and may even bring good cheer, where yesterday we brought sorrow.

If a new idea burns within us, today is good time to act on it, even if only to take the first step, for even the greatest of accomplishments begins by doing something simple.

When Anne and I were in Vancouver this last summer, several residents of that beautiful city told us how the winter storms had destroyed thousands of trees in their beloved Stanley Park, as they bemoaned the loss, feeling that their park would never be the same.

But as I looked at the fallen underbrush caused by the ravaging storms, I saw the wonders of new life. Tiny seedlings had taken hold, and though small, already their bright green pine needles and little branches reached up to the sky. And the sun bathed them in light and warmth.

When I inspected those baby trees more closely, I discovered they were growing from a rich dark brown soil, under the remains of the former trees. I could easily press my finger a few inches into it and feel its warm, soft texture.

And I could see how this lesson from nature could benefit you and me. We can blame the past for our problems and if we want to make any improvements, it will be like trying to plant new seeds in scorched earth.

Or we can learn from our experience, and use it to make a fresh start, just as the seedlings found a home in the warm nurturing soil.

For as nature shows us, tomorrow is a new day, filled with opportunities if we welcome them.

Success Tip of the Week: If we carry grudges against others, we must try hard to forgive them for those grudges do nothing but hurt us, and the negative energy may prevent us from even seeing new opportunities.

In the next KazanToday: A man crushed by the Great Depression who ultimately found greater meaning in his life.

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