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Published on November 22nd, 2016
Wally Healey: A homeless "street artist."

Wally Healey art
Wally Healey's Art  

Among homeless people is an enormous well of talent. Wally illustrates this wonderfully, for however hard his life was, he found time for beauty and art.

Wallace (Wally) Allen Healey used to hang out at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he would drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and absorb the atmosphere of artistic learning.

Few people at the Art Institute knew he too was an artist until the Christmas holidays of 1992.

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It was during those holidays that Wally passed away on a street alongside the Institute.

In his backpack were sketchbooks, in which this self-described "street artist" had created stunning pictures.

Wally Healey's art
Wally Healey's Art  

Ever since then, Wally and his art work have lived on in the hearts of others.

In each of us are special talents calling out for expression. Wally expressed his special talents as each of us can do with just a touch of courage and an undeniable passion.

Editor's Note:To learn more, please see http://www.conversations.org/story.php?sid=190 and https://freemanproject.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/wallace-allen-healey/

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