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Published on June 30th, 2015

Tony Tolbert: He gave a rescue shelter family the free use of his home.

Tony Tolbert
Tony Tolbert  

This is an incredible story! Giving free use of his home to this rescue shelter family was just the start. Tony has since donated his home to additional rescue families.

In all, four mothers with children in the last 3 1/2 years have lived in Tony's lovely home, a home he will reoccupy in July.

To accommodate these families required Tony, in his 50's, to vacate his home and move in with his mother.

And despite the fears of others, he left his beautiful furnishings in his home so each family could experience that home as he did.

Tony is a Harvard Law School graduate, an attorney and teaches at the UCLA Law School.

What motivated him to conduct such a marvelous act of generosity and who were some of these rescue shelter families?

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Tony acted after reading about the Salwen family of Atlanta. The Salwens sold their gorgeous 5,000 square foot home and moved to a much smaller home, so they could donate $800,000 of their sales proceeds to the Hunger Project charity.

For Tony, the Salwen family generosity was the culmination of a thought process that began during his childhood.

Tony's parents had welcomed people in need into their home, some for as brief as two days, others for up to two years.

Among the rescue shelter families Tony welcomed into his home was Felicia Dukes, a single mother with four children.

Felicia had become homeless when after the birth of her fourth child, she lost her job, and living paycheck to paycheck, wound up on the street with her children.

Because of Tony's profound act of kindness, the Dukes rebuilt their lives as a family living in his home. Today, Felicia and her family have their own apartment.

Ana Garcia and her three children are the current residents, having fled a brutal home. Ana works multiple jobs determined to build a safe and secure home for her children.

Tony's generosity has touched people from all over the world with many seeking to do something extraordinary as well.

One example is an Illinois lawyer and his wife who have now done with their home, what Tony did with his.

While we need not donate our homes, each of us can do major acts of charity if we let our hearts guide us as Tony let his heart guide him.

Editor's Note:

To see an interview of Tony and his mother Marie and Felicia and her children on brief videos, cbsnews.com , dailygood.org latimes.com. To learn more about Ana Garcia and her family in a 3 minute video, click here. To learn more about Tony, click here. To learn more about the rescue shelters which provided Tony with the families living in his home, visit the Jenesse Center or the Alexandria House. To learn more about the Salwen family, click here, or The Hunger Project, here.

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