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Published on November 3rd 2020
Tim and Cindy Howells: Providing therapy horses for people with special needs.

Based in Fullerton, California they started their non-profit organization, Tara's Chance in 2012 to help a little girl in a wheelchair learn how to ride a horse.

In Tim's words:

"What began with that little girl and one horse has grown to seven horses providing weekly equine assisted activities and therapies to 35 individuals, ages 4 - 32 with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and assorted other disabilities."

But then just when things were going great, COVID-19 struck. So, what did they do?

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They began making "horse calls," bringing the therapy horses to those who need them.

For example:

Until the pandemic, wheelchair bound little Bella would go to the Fullerton stables to ride horses such as Maggie.

Tara's Chance
Bella pets Maggie
photo: fullertonobserver.com

"It's a place that's changed my life so much," Bella told ABC7 News (Los Angeles). The two bonded and now, Maggie is brought to Bella.

"Even in this hard time, they can bring the horses over and it just makes me so happy, it's super special because we can still see our favorite horse friends," said Bella.

Tara's Chance
photo: abc7.com

Added Bella's mother: "I've seen a huge difference in her overall health and strength."

"I'm thinking of all the benefits she's getting from that medically, and she's just having a really good time and absolutely loves it."

At a time when many people are quarantined or limited in their activities, for those in need of this therapy, these visits are a godsend.

Or as Bella said: "It's helped so many kids like me, that it's just amazing what they're doing."

Editor's Note: To see Bella and Maggie together, click here. To learn more, click here.

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