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Published on August 31st 2021
16-year-old Shane Jones: Buying repossessed storage unit contents and returning them to their original owners.

Shane Jones
Shane Jones photo: local12.com

Shane, of Wakefield, Rhode Island wanted to make money buying and selling the contents of repossessed storage units.

"It seemed like something fun to do," Shane told The Washington Post.

In his first auction, he bid $100 for a storage unit contents and was stunned to win. But when he saw the contents, he knew he couldn't sell them.

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"This guy was in prison, and his storage unit was auctioned off because he couldn't afford to pay for it. This was probably everything he had left," Shane told The Post.

He located this man's mother at a retirement home, and she was thrilled to receive everything.

Her gratitude so moved him, he bid in more auctions intending to return the contents.

With $50, Shane had the winning bid on another storage unit, and learned the couple that rented the locker had passed away.

But he called their brother-in-law who gratefully accepted it all. "He said there were a lot of family heirlooms that could have been lost."

Shane won his third auction for $50, an owner who had lost her job and couldn't afford to pay for the storage unit.

Three years earlier, sudden infant death syndrome had taken the life of her baby, and "all of her baby items and all of her childhood photos were in the storage locker," said Shane.

When she picked up these precious items:

"She started to cry and said everything she had to remind her of her baby was in that locker, and she just didn't have the finances to keep up with the payments."

Shane's mother said her son is overwhelmed by all the attention. And added, "Shane hopes that somebody else will get the idea to do the same thing in their own town."

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