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Published on August 4th 2020
The Power of a Trashed Pencil.

Nipun Mehta, the founder of the charity Servicespace tells a very powerful story of a poor woman who wonderfully touched so many lives with simple gifts.

This woman, Shakkuben, and her husband and their two children lived in India. When he died, she became a school janitor, barely able to support their children.

Yet despite her scarce resources, she was determined to help others, although with no idea how.

Then she heard a story about Gandhi.

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One day Kakasaheb Kalelkar, a famous Indian author saw Gandhi writing with a worn-down tiny pencil, and quickly offered him one of his own. But Gandhi politely declined.

The next day, he saw Gandhi looking for that tiny pencil, and again offered him one.

Gandhi replied that he wanted only that tiny pencil because a child had lovingly given it to him, as he kept looking for it.

Gandhi's story inspired this poor woman, who now knew what she could do to help others.

As a school janitor, Shakkuben began going through the trash cans collecting worn-down pencils, old erasers and aged pencil sharpeners.

She then donated them to the many other poor people in need of them.

The moral of her story is that each of us, however limited in our resources, can do something to help those in need.

Editor's Note:To learn more click here. To learn more about Servicespace, click.

Thank you to http://kindspring.org for sharing this wonderful story with us.

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