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Published on July 9th 2024
Man rescues dog from the brink of a thousand-foot cliff.

Stevie. Photo: runningmagazine.ca

Physical therapist Sergio Florian, 44 of Oahu, Hawaii trains for marathons on the mountain trails near his home.

During an evening run, he saw a troubled dog laying by a steep thousand-foot cliff. This dog was dehydrated and weak.

"I was shocked to see her because I've never seen a dog up that high," Sergio told The Washington Post. Sergio knew he could not leave her behind.

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"She was in the most treacherous part of the trail, stuck between two cliffs and it was almost sunset," Sergio told The Post. "She was quivering and scared..."

Sergio Florian. Photo: runningmagazine.ca

Grasping her firmly in one arm, he began carrying her down the steepest, riskiest half mile part of this four-mile trail.

Sergio was unaware this 45-pound dog's name is Stevie, and she had been lost for three days after chasing a wild pig.

Hours earlier, another climber spotted Stevie but it was too risky for him to bring her down and he posted what he saw on the Oahu Hiking Community Facebook page.

"The lower part of the trail is more popular - lots of people go there to take photos of the spectacular view," said Sergio.

Photo: advnture.com

"Not many people go higher up because it's quite dangerous. If you fall, you're pretty much done."

At the most treacherous part, Sergio gripped the cliff with one hand and Stevie with the other, as he inched downward on his rear end.

After reaching the bottom, he brought Stevie home, as his wife Dayane located the very grateful pet parent. While they awaited his arrival, Stevie was served nourishing food and water.

Stevie. Photo: runningmagazine.ca

"She's such a nice dog - I hated to see her leave," said Sergio.

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2024/03/08/injured-dog-rescue-hawaii-florian/, kitv.com/news/local and facebook.com/groups/oahuhikingcommunity.

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