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Published on July 18th, 2017
Sanduk Ruit and Geoffrey Tabin: Eye-surgeons responsible for restoring sight to millions of poor people.

Eye Surgeons Sanduk Ruit And Geoff Tabin
Eye Surgeons Sanduk Ruit And Geoff Tabin
Photo: economist.com

In third world poverty, to lose one’s eyesight to cataracts, was to live in blindness for life: A life shortened by 1/3, while children often lived only five years after going blind.

But thanks to Doctors Ruit and Tabin, this is no longer true.

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The two eye surgeons have developed a small incision cataract surgery they conduct in just a few minutes.

Through their mobile eye-care campaigns, and a growing network of surgeons and nurses, sight restoration surgery is now in such places as Nepal, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Bhutan, in all, a total of 24-nations.

Eye Surgeons Sanduk Ruit And Geoff Tabin
Eye Surgeons Sanduk Ruit And Geoff Tabin
Photo: drkkb.com/

They and their mobile eye-care surgeons have now successfully operated on more than 150,000 patients, and four million more patients have had their sight restored by doctors they’ve trained.

With their sight restored, the formerly blind leave behind a world of darkness and isolation for one of joy and productivity.

To see in whole or in part the compelling 60-Minutes video (4/16/17) from which this story was taken: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fighting-preventable-blindness-in-burma-and-beyond/

Editor's Note: To learn more, please see www.cureblindness.org/.

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