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Published on April 7th 2020
Rudy Quinones: Owner of an auto restoration shop who paid off an employee's mortgage so the man could retire

Rudy Quinones(R) with Albert Bringas
Rudy Quinones(R) with Albert Bringas
Photo: kens5.com

69-year-old Albert Bringas, a husband, father, grandfather and Vietnam veteran worked for Rudy at Renown Auto Restoration in San Antonio, Texas for the last 13-years.

He was an excellent employee who put in long hours repairing transmissions and engines, but at day's end, would suffer from backaches.

Knowing that Albert was nearly 70 and wanting to retire, Rudy called him into his office.

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"If we took care of your mortgage, would that allow you to retire," Rudy asked Albert.

"I thought, 'Are you serious?'" Albert told The Washington Post. "But he was."

One week later, just before last Halloween, Rudy joined Albert at the bank and paid off the remaining $4,986 on the loan Albert and his wife Sylvia had taken out nearly 24-years-earlier.

Rudy Quinones with Albert and Sylvia Bringas
Rudy Quinones with Albert and Sylvia Bringas
Photo: washingtonpost.com

"It was something I could do for him that would make the biggest difference," said Rudy.

But helping employees is something Rudy often does.

"If somebody is down on their luck and needs a loan, Rudy is there for them," Albert told The Post.

"And if your car needs some repairs or you need parts, he'll take care of it. He has a big heart."

Now that Albert no longer works, he is spending time with Sylvia, and their two children and two grandchildren, the grandchildren of which they are helping to raise.

"I feel emotional when I think about what he did for me," Albert told The Post. "When something like this happens to change your life, you never forget."

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