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Published on November 24th 2020
Robert Johnson: A one-man cheerleader for a hospital medical staff.

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson photo: cnn.com

58-year-old Robert, an ex-Marine, is a security officer for Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center in the Los Angeles area.

When the pandemic hit, Robert was assigned the overnight security shift, guarding healthcare providers, many of whom are completing a 12-hour-shift.

Their work is dangerous and can be depressing, particularly when some patients don't survive.

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"We have a lot of things thrown at us all the time where we work on high stress levels...," Kelly Wilson, a nurse who works in the neonatal intensive care unit, told CNN.

Robert Johnson
Robert and NICU Nurse Kelly Wilson photo: cnn.com

"Maybe some people feel defeated leaving work, and he (Robert) just gives that extra energy to be positive."

What does Robert do? With a big smile, he warmly greets everyone, and he reminds them how important their work is.

"And I show a lot of appreciation for that," he told CNN. "That's why I try to bring out a smile. Look what you have done!"

How important is this?

"I think it was a month into it, it was being consistent, and we were having conversations about it in our unit," said nurse Kelly.

"The co-workers were like, 'Oh, man! I can't wait to get off work and see that guy!'"

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson greets the staff photo: cnn.com

In fact, it's almost like a party.

"I'm telling you..., when they come out, you'd think we're throwing a party. It's a celebration!" said Robert.

"Another nurse may give me a bump this way, and I'll bump that way. One doctor did a little dance and the bump. Everyone is coming out with a different way of greeting."

With all the crisis's medical providers face, this stress release is just what the doctor ordered.

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