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Published on February 9th 2021
Rob Adams: Once homeless, his non-profit delivered 2,500 free Thanksgiving meals in 2020.

Rob Adams
Rob Adams photo: facebook.com

Today Rob, age 49, is a successful Utah real estate agent.

But in 1982 when he was 11, he and his family lived in the back of a pickup truck in Porter, Texas near Houston.

Occasionally, they saved enough money to check into a motel room, so they could sleep in beds and have the private use of a shower and a toilet.

"My big meal of the day was school lunch, and many nights, there was no dinner," Rob told The Washington Post.

But at Christmastime 1982, something special happened, something Rob would never forget, and many years later led to the creation of his non-profit, Thanksgiving's Heroes (TGH).

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A family from their church went on a two-week vacation, and provided their home to the Adams family while they were gone.

When the Adams' arrived, there were presents under the tree for them, and a refrigerator packed with food including a turkey and homemade pies.

"I cried when I opened that fridge," Rob told The Post.

"Unless you've been hungry, you can't imagine how I felt," he added. "I told myself, 'Someday, if I have money, I'm going to do this for somebody else.'"

TGH started in 2015. In 2020 he and his family along with 800 volunteers delivered 2,500 boxes, each filled with 53 pounds of food, including a turkey, to homes in the Salt Lake Valley.

Thanksgiving's Heroes food box
Thanksgiving's Heroes food box photo: pressfrom.info

Each box costs TGH $80 but feeds a family for days after Thanksgiving.

"With COVID this year, we knocked on the door and left everything on the porch, but we know that people are smiling when they unpack their boxes, Rob told The Post.

Thanksgiving's Heroes
Thanksgiving's Heroes photo: facebook.com

"What we're doing is about hope - it's the reason I've kept this going year after year," Rob added. "You never know how you might touch someone."

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here, here, here and here. Thank you to Rob Adams for helping us tell his wonderful story.

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