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Published on October 2nd, 2018
Ray “Red” Woolley: Guinness Book Of Records 95-year-old Scuba Diver

Ray “Red” Woolley
Ray “Red” Woolley
Photo: deeperblue.com

Few people live to be 95, and many of them are physically limited. Not World War ll veteran Red Woolley, the world’s oldest scuba diver, who dives as deep as 50-meters (164-feet).

What is his secret?

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The secret is that Red remains active doing what he loves, despite his age. Each day, he is either diving, or in a pool swimming or doing water aerobics.

An Englishman who lives on the Island of Cyprus, Red began scuba diving 58-years-ago and has never stopped, recently setting a new depth record for a 95-year-old.

Red is not only the world’s oldest diver, but a testament to the human spirit. You can see him in action in this 39-second video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpOSJxdnzhk.

Editor's Note: To learn more http://www.dissmercury.co.uk/news/world-s-oldest-scuba-diver-ray-wooley-credits-sport-with-keeping-him-young-says-harleston-son-1-5535761

Thank you to my friend Michael Delees for sharing this story with us.

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