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Published on February 22nd 2022
Pickles, Goose and Shadow, fortunate donkey rescue center residents.

Ron King photo: oprahdaily.com

Officially known as Oscar's Place Adoption Center and Sanctuary, located in Hopland, California in Mendocino County, it began operating in January, 2020.

Its founders are Ron King, an ex-Time executive and Phil Selway, an art dealer and philanthropist who donated this 75-acre property.

But donkeys are bright, loving animals, so why is this sanctuary necessary?

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Because donkeys, like dogs and cats, are sometimes abused and need to be rescued. Or because their human companions can no longer care for them.

But crucially because they are slaughtered for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

To save these donkeys, Oscar's Place works with another non-profit, All Seated in a Barn, to buy donkeys in livestock auctions.

One of the largest auctions is in Bowie, Texas where many donkeys will be bought and trucked to Mexico for slaughter, their remains shipped to China.

But if All Seated buys them, the donkeys receive love and medical care and are nursed back to good health.

Those donkeys Oscar's Place receives from All Seated, live happily on the 75-acre ranch or are sometimes sent to other loving homes.

The donkeys "actually make very good pets," Ron told The Post, and that they "form very strong bonds" with people.

"It's just incredible how perceptive and intuitive they are," said Phil. "They are really extraordinary. To finally be able to offer them good, fulfilled, happy lives - it doesn't get any better."

Editor's Note:To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/.../donkey-sanctuary-oscar-ron-king/, oscarsplace.org and allseatedinabarn.com/who-we-are.

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