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Published on December 20th, 2016
A couple that brings love to humanity.

Pete Grazier and Nance Cheifetz
Pete Grazier and Nance Cheifetz  

Hoping to have fun and add more meaning to their lives, a retired San Francisco area couple, Pete Grazier and Nance Cheifetz became loving friends to the world around them.

Here's what they did.

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In 2013, they sold their Lexus and bought what they converted into a modern-day Hippie wagon, a 1990 Volkswagen Bus, they call "Bodhi."

They then began, as they do today, preparing lunches and hot chocolate, putting it in Bodhi and driving around the San Francisco area, setting up gathering places and offering it to people as a loving gesture.

Lunch On Us

Most people appear surprised anyone would open their hearts in this way, and happily welcome this gift of love, as they respond by expressing their happiness and appreciation.

Pete and Nance also extend their love to humanity in other ways. For example, they made thank you signs and went to the airport and thanked the cleaning crew for the wonderful but often unacknowledged work they do.

This couple happily does these acts of kindness on their own time, with their own money.

But as Pete says, "If you want to experience real joy in your life, start giving away, giving out..."

If you would like to see Pete and Nance in action in a 2 minute, 57 second video, please click here.

Success Tip of the Week: "No one has ever become poor by giving." Anne Frank (Enlightened Soul, Holocaust Victim)

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