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Published on August 15th, 2017
Pen Farthing: He reunites loving pets from Afghanistan with the soldiers who had to leave them behind.

Pen Farthing
Pen Farthing
Photo: cnn.com
Afghanistan remains a giant warzone, and the soldiers that fight that war are confronted not only with extreme danger, but with loneliness and heartache.

However, at the end of each mission, some soldiers are fortunate enough to have loving dogs or cats to greet them, and they become attached to these pets.

But when their tours of duty end, and they go home, they miss their furry friends, which is where former Royal Marine sergeant, Pen Farthing comes in.

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When he fought in Afghanistan, he adopted Nowzad, a dog that captured his heart and gave him love and comfort.

Unlike most soldiers, Pen found a way to bring her home with him.

Understanding the soldiers' attachment to their pets, in 2007 he started a non-profit Afghanistan animal shelter, Afghanistan's only animal shelter.

Naming the shelter for his dog Nowzad, he rescues the soldiers' dogs and cats, spays or neuters them, treats them for diseases, and ships them to the soldiers who miss them.

In addition, in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, where the Nowzad shelter is located, there are stray dogs and cats throughout the city.

Pen also neuters or spays these loving but unwanted animals, treats them for diseases and finds Afghan homes, often with families who could never afford these services.

To everyone involved, the Nowzad animal shelter is a blessing.

To see a brief video of Nowzad and the shelter in action, and of a soldier reunited at home with his loving dog, please click on http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=5907 .

Success Tip of the Week: If you would like a loving pet, there is an animal shelter near you that would be grateful to place a pet into your life.

Editor's Note: To visit the Nowzad website http://www.nowzad.com/ or visit them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nowzadrescue/

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