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Published on May 3rd, 2016
Paul Smith: An artist with severe cerebral palsy, who created beautiful canvasses by typewriter.

Paul Smith
Paul Smith  

Known globally as the "Typewriter Artist," Paul (1921 - 2007), did things with a typewriter that as you'll see, are almost unbelievable.

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Because of the severity of his medical condition, it was extremely difficult for Paul to hold a pen or a pencil, or to eat, dress himself or to speak.

Paul didn't learn to speak until he was 16 years old, nor walk until he was 32.

And because he grew up in a less enlightened time, there was no mainstream education for him, and he was not taught in school how to read and write.

But when Paul was 11, he began experimenting with a typewriter a neighbor had discarded, and his art soon followed.

Because of physical limitations, his left hand steadied his right hand, and his art was created by using several symbols at the top of the keyboard, such as -, !, @, #, %, etc.

Paul developed ways to adjust his typewriter ribbon to display artistic nuance and for shading, he gently pressed his thumb on the ribbon.

Using a typewriter, there was no room for error, for corrections were nearly impossible.

Depending upon the complexity of any particular work of art, it took Paul from two weeks to three months to complete one piece.

After his parents passed away, Paul at age 46, moved to an Oregon Nursing Center, where he continued his art, and where he lived for the rest of his 85-year life.

In addition to his typewriter art, Paul became a master chess player, a member of the Knights of Columbus and St. Joseph Catholic Church.

He never married, nor had children.

It is estimated Paul created 400 works of typewriter art, many of them while listening to classical music.

Paul inspires us all, showing us that despite the obstacles, what a dedicated heart and mind can achieve.

Editor's Note: I first saw this remarkable story on Kindnessblog.com , which also has a 4 minute, 26 second video of Paul in action. To learn even more, see http://www.cerebralpalsy.org/inspiration/artists/paul-smith

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