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Published on February 2nd 2021
A customer's remarkable generosity to a restaurant's staff during the pandemic.

Nighttown photo: foxnews.com

Nighttown is a popular Cleveland restaurant, started in 1965. But the pandemic has upended so many businesses including this one.

For the safety of its customers, owner Brendon Ring closed the restaurant on November 22nd, with plans to reopen when it's safe, "hopefully sometime in the spring."

Knowing the staff would be unemployed, on that closing day this customer bought a pint of Stella lager for $7 and added a $3,000 tip! To be anonymous, he left the payment with the owner.

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photo: wkyc.com

Thinking it was a mistake, Brendon told CNN when he caught up with this customer in the parking lot the customer said, "No, that's what I intended."

"Share it with the staff, good luck to you guys, Merry Christmas and we'll see you when you come back."

Nighttown owner Brendon Ring and server photo: cnn.com

When Brendon told a server, at first she didn't believe it. But when the next server realized it was real, she started crying.

Each of the four servers working that day received a $750 bonus from that tip.

This is yet another great example of how people are finding ways to help others at a time when it is most needed and greatly appreciated.

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