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Published on May 10th, 2016
Mohammad Al Saedi: Bringing hope and healing to a war zone.

Mohammad Al Saedi
Mohammad Al Saedi  

"From the stones of the destruction, we will build plant basins to grow flowers," said Mohammad, who lives in the densely populated Palestinian neighborhood of al-Zaitoun, in Gaza City.

For the war with Israel seems endless, and Mohammad is focused not on hate but on healing.

Knowing his neighborhood needed physical and psychological healing, Mohammad started with his own home, which he painted in bright, cheery colors.

He then added colorful flower pots, flowers, and murals from local artists, and the change had begun.

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His neighbors were moved by what they saw, wanted to do the same and now 30 homes reflect the beauty, with even more homes to be painted and landscaped.

They often use recycled and salvaged materials, and some funding for this project comes from a local nonprofit organization and a U.S. nonprofit organization.

But most of the materials and the artwork come from the people of the neighborhood.

al-Zaitoun neighborhood, Gaza

For they've learned that beauty lifts the spirits of everyone involved, including the children, from the darkness of fear and destruction, to one of healing and hope.

This is an excellent example of the resilience and inherent strength of the human spirit.

To see a 1 minute, 57 second video of Mohammad, and the neighborhood, please click on karmatube.org/videos.php?id=7002.

Success Tip of the Week: Might you too bring good cheer into the world? No matter where you are, that cheer will be appreciated.

Editor's Note: Thank you to www.KarmaTube.org which published this piece on 2/4/16

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