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Published on January 1st 2019
Mike Niles: Bringing love and companionship to lonely senior citizens

Mike Niles
Mike Niles
Photo: bbc.co.uk

Loneliness can be emotionally crippling, and deeply painful yet many senior citizens seldom have visitors.

Families have busy lives, while friends have passed away or are physically limited.

In response, once a week, Mike began befriending Donna, an 81-year-old widow to share stories and have a few laughs.

It has gone so well, he decided to reach out to more senior citizens.

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He formed b:Friend and in the London suburb of Doncaster, he and other volunteers, host weekly visits and they also hold social gatherings that bring everyone together.

There are now about 90-senior citizens that participate in this social community. “I’ve never been happier,” Donna told the BBC. “It was the best thing I did.”

Mike at a Bollywood-themed meet-up organised by his charity b:Friend
Mike at a Bollywood-themed meet-up organised by his charity b:Friend
Photo: bbc.co.uk

To see one of these joyous social gatherings in a 3-minute, 42-second video, visit http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=8240.

It is amazing what a little love, kindness and attention can do not only for senior citizens but for all those who participate.

Success Tip of the Week: If you would like to participate, it is as easy as visiting a lonely neighbor near you once a week.

Editor's Note: Financial support comes from the UK’s “The Big Lottery” and other sponsors. To learn more, visit letsbfriend.org.uk/

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