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Published on July 4th, 2017
Linda Myers: A godsend to Navajo elders

Linda Myers
Linda Myers with Navajo elder
Photo: cnn.com

Many Navajo elders live in extreme poverty on a Reservation that spans from Arizona to Utah.

In most cases, they live in shacks or trailers with no running water, plumbing, electricity or heat, and have no transportation or means of buying food.

To keep warm in the winter, when temperatures can drop below zero, they burn firewood, but some lack enough firewood, and freeze to death.

In the face of this horrific situation is Linda Myers, a godsend to more than 500-Navajos elders.

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For 33-years, Linda and her little non-profit, Adopt-A-Native-Elder, have become family to those in need, building a close and loving connection.

Linda Myers
Linda Myers with Navajo elder
Photo: cnn.com

Linda drives the vast dirt roads and brings boxes of food, medical kits, wheelchairs, walkers and firewood.

Linda also brings traditional Navajo yarn, which allows them to weave rugs and other products they can sell directly or with Linda’s help, to have some money of their own.

This is money they can spend on a rare trip to a Wal-Mart or a distant Reservation retail outlet to buy what they need.

In this terrible sea of poverty, Linda offers hope and love to those in need, and she is a wonderful illustration of what one person with the support of others can do.

If you would like to see Linda and some of her adopted Navajo family in their homes, please click on this 2-minute, 53-second video cnnheroes-myers-orig.cnn

Editor's Note: To see another brief video click here, or visit the Adopt-A-Native-Elder website at anelder.org/. In 33-years, Linda has served more than 3,000 Navajo elders.

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