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Published on July 21st 2020
Kiplin Auto: A car dealership that welcomes the homeless in their cars to stay overnight.

Kiplin Automotive
photo: cnn.com

Many homeless people each night seek a safe place to sleep.

Davina Stephens, age 46 and single, works full-time at a bank call center. Since last year, she has lived in her car hoping to save enough money for an apartment.

She parks overnight in a shopping center or hotel parking lot, but is often awakened by a security guard telling her to leave.

"I'd wished for a long time to have a safe place to park," Davina told The Washington Post.

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Then on Facebook, Davina saw a post from James Charles, head of Charlotte, North Carolina based Kiplin Auto, inviting the homeless living in cars to stay overnight at his dealership.

James Charles
James Charles
photo: facebook.com

From 7:30pm to 7:30am they can park in his safe, well-lighted car lot. In some cases, he even sets up a GoFundMe account to raise rent money for them.

Why does he do this? Because he and his family were once homeless and know how hard it can be. Four years ago, they lost their rental home when the owner sold it.

"It was difficult to find a place with six kids and a pit bull, and we ended up homeless, living in motel rooms for 90 days," James told The Post.

James Charles and his family
James Charles and his family
photo: facebook.com

"We always thanked God that we had money for a motel and didn't have to sleep in our car."

"The people who sleep in our lot are just normal people who have come upon hard times."

"They take the kids to school in the morning and go to work like everyone else."

These people just need a helping hand, and thanks to the remarkable generosity of Kiplin Auto, they now have it.

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