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Published on February 26th 2019
Kevin Booth: A homeless man who handed a bag containing $17,000 to a food bank

Kevin Booth
Kevin Booth
Photo: komonews.com

Kevin of Sumner, Washington arrived early one morning at the Sumner Community Food Bank to pick up some bread the food bank leaves out overnight for the homeless.

It was then he received quite a surprise.

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Outside the front door was a brown paper bank containing $17,000. But instead of keeping the money for himself, Kevin waited 20-minutes for the food bank to open.

He then gave the money to a volunteer.

The volunteer was stunned by all this cash and called the police. For 90-days, the Sumner police investigated the origin of the money.

Investigators checked with other police departments, checked for robberies and checked for other sources of missing funds.

At the end of the investigation, the Sumner police returned the money to the food bank, and gave a good citizen citation to Kevin.

Kevin Booth
Kevin Booth has been commended for his honesty by police
Photo: irishexaminer.com

And the Sumner Community Food Bank gave Kevin gift cards for food, clothing, shoes and other necessities.

But there is another remarkable aspect to our story:

Someone wanting to be anonymous, donated that cash, leaving it in faith in the belief it would be received by the food bank. That faith was rewarded.

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