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Published on November 2nd 2021
12-year-old Chicago girl Kerry Koranteng: A godsend to children in Ghana.

Kerry Koranteng
Kerry Koranteng photo: blackenterprise.com

Four years ago, when Kerry was just eight-years-old, she visited her family in Ghana and was surprised by what she saw.

"When I even visit my great auntie in the villages, you can see every child, no shoes on, and I realize this is very dangerous," Kerry told CBS News.

So, what did she do?

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Kerry began raising money and last year, with the help of a nonprofit, she began sending shoes to children in Ghana.

photo: cbsnews.com

Some shoes she ships but she also takes shoes with her when she visits Ghana during school breaks and personally hands them out.

"The teachers there, they tell me the kids who are more in need," Kerry told CBS.

"So, I bring them out and give them the shoes first and then when I am done, I give the shoes to the other students."

To help her raise money, Kerry and her family setup the KerryK Foundation.

To date, Kerry has provided nearly one thousand pairs of shoes in Ghana.

photo: facebook.com

One of the fortunate children to receive a pair is 9-year-old Mary Jalisa, who used to walk to school and everywhere else barefoot.

"No one has given me shoes like that before," Mary told CBS, showing them her shoes via Zoom, as she glowed with happiness.

"I wear them to school, to church, everywhere."

12-year-old Kerry hopes that her work is encouraging others. "If I help others, maybe I can inspire another to do the same."

This from a girl who is making a huge difference in the lives of others so desperately in need.

Editor's Note:To learn more: https://www.cbsnews.com/, https://medium.com and https://www.kerrykfoundation.com/.

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