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Published on August 24th 2021
John Holaday: A 77-year-old Vietnam Veteran robbed of his savings, but rescued by teenagers in his community.

John Holaday
John Holaday photo: facebook.com

John bought a Muncie, Indiana home needing major repairs.

After the big purchase, John had $8,000 in unspent funds, which he planned to use to make the needed repairs.

He hired and paid a contractor to make those repairs, but instead, of doing the work, that contractor stole his money.

For over a year, John lived in this home with no water, sewage, electricity, insulation or flooring.

John suffered thru this hardship alone, until Nate Jones, a Veterans Affairs officer, saw how he was living and immediately appealed to the community.

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26 teenage volunteers from the Muncie Area Career Center responded, and with the guidance of their construction technology teacher Jeremy Penrod, they took action.

Volunteers help rebuild John Holaday's house
Volunteers help rebuild John Holaday's house photo: thestarpress.com

By now the home was unsalvageable, and they tore it down and prepared to build a beautiful new home.

The community took care of John, and it contributed money, material and labor, and despite rain, sleet and snow, in just 51 days, built him a brand-new home.

Volunteers help rebuild John Holaday's house
Volunteers help rebuild John Holaday's house photo: inspiremore.com/

When John arrived for the unveiling ceremony, he was welcomed by a large group of people who cheered for him.

"So many people donated their time and money to make it come true for this old man," John said of himself thru his joyful tears. "I never believed this could happen."

Afterward, on the group's Operation John Holaday Facebook page, teacher Jeremy posted:

"We are so thankful for this opportunity, and these students have made memories that will last a lifetime."

And the teens posted, "Thank you for your [military] service, and enjoy your new home, Mr. John Holaday."

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