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Published on October 20th 2020
Jimmy and Marilyn Curcuru: Because of age and infirmity they can no longer maintain their home, now many others are helping them.

Jimmy and Marilyn Curcuru
Jimmy and Marilyn Curcuru
photo: cbs58.com

In July, Jimmy and Marilyn received an unsigned note in their mailbox: "Please Paint Me! Eyesore - Your Neighbors. Thanks!"

Jimmy and Marilyn Curcuru's home
photo: wxii12.com

Addressed to "Current Resident" this note refers to the Gloucester, Massachusetts home Jimmy and Marilyn have occupied for 51-years, all 51-years of their marriage.

"It was frustrating to read it, and it was also hurtful," Jimmy, 71 told The Washington Post. "We know that our house needs painting - they didn't need to point it out to us."

Why had their home fallen into disrepair?

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About 15-years ago Jimmy had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery and could no longer maintain the home, nor could he afford to hire someone else to do so.

While about 30-years ago, his wife Marilyn, 72 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and today is largely bedridden. Their daughter Lynanne is her caregiver.

In response to the unsigned note, one of their other daughters, Michelle Baran with her dad's consent posted an appeal on Facebook.

In reply, hundreds of people have lovingly offered to help, including the mayor of Gloucester, who visited the family to find out what she could do.

A GoFundMe page was also launched for the Curcurus and has raised nearly $80,000.

This money will help pay for paint and siding, a new wheelchair ramp and a new roof and windows.

Such kindness and generosity to the Curcurus' from so many people, many of whom they've never met, is life changing and greatly appreciated.

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