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Published on July 13th 2021
70-year-old Marine Corps Veteran James Johnson braved a billowing fire to rescue his neighbor.

James Johnson
James Johnson photo: khq.com

When James "Cowboy" Johnson saw smoke coming from a nearby home he sprang into action.

Despite having lung issues, after calling 911, the "Cowboy" quickly drove to the building, yelled and pounded on the door, but heard nothing.

With the help of two boys, they kicked the door in and upstairs they found a man overwhelmed by the flames and smoke.

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"He was on fire! 'We gotta get him out of here quick!" James yelled to the boys, as he grabbed a blanket and started putting out the flames on the man's burning clothing.

"I dragged him down the stairs, brought him outside and put out the fire in his hair," James recalled.

When asked what compelled him to put his life on the line to race into a burning building, and with no protective gear, he replied:

"I wouldn't worry about that. That don't faze me none. I worry about saving a life."

The fire department soon arrived, doused the flames and the fire victim was flown to the Temple University Hospital Burn Center.

photo: khq.com

James was optimistic for his neighbor's recovery.

Soon thereafter, the town celebrated James' bravery.

"I appreciate you so much," said Magistrate Judge and firefighter Gregory Scott as he presented James with a certificate acknowledging his heroism.

Norristown [Pennsylvania] and its Fire Department also praised James and plan to formally honor him at a city council meeting.

But James is a true hero, one who bravely took action expecting nothing in return knowing he did the right thing and saved a man's life.

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