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Published on February 21st, 2017
Courage in the face of bigotry.

Chalk Messages Of Love And Reassurance  

In Tucson, just beyond the University of Arizona is an Islamic Center.

Its congregants endure taunting and vandalism from students in two high rise apartment buildings next door.

On Friday and Saturday party nights, bottles and cans cascade down from the balconies onto the mosque below, endangering anyone there, and making an awful mess.

On Veteran's Day, marchers carrying American flags shouted, "Go back where you came from!" at the people leaving the mosque.

But then in response to this disgraceful conduct, something wonderful happened:

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Posted on the Islamic Center's Facebook Page were pictures other young people had taken of themselves, using chalk to write messages of love and reassurance.


"We love you." "Tucson sees you and wants you." "We want you here." These were typical of the statements written in blue, yellow, pink and white chalk.

Compassionate people had begun to speak up.

And in reply, the Islamic Center posted "From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We love you too. - Islamic Center of Tucson."

Success Tip of the Week: When you see bigotry, have the courage to raise your voice or express yourself, even with a piece of chalk.

Editor's Note:To learn more, please see https://kindnessblog.com/ the source for today's story.

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