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Published on July 28, 2009

Today: How a kind word from you could uplift someone else’s life and yours as well.

“That’s a beautiful garden” I said to a man knelt in the soil working on it in the hot sun. His flowers bloomed brightly in shades of red.

“I’m never sure if anyone ever notices it,” he replied as the sun’s brightness caused him to squint while he twisted and looked up at me. “You’re the first one who’s ever said anything about it and I’ve been cultivating it for years.

“It is not even my property,” he said. “It belongs to the County.

“I work for the County and as long as I’m here anyway, I planted this garden and care for it, all out of my own pocket and on my own time. I take real pride in it.”

“And it shows,” I said. “It’s so beautiful. Can I chip in a few dollars?”

“No thank you,” he answered with a broad smile and a spark in his eyes. What you’ve just done is plenty. It means a lot to me.”

“Many people notice your beautiful flowers,” I stated. “That they don’t say anything doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it.”

“Yes,” he replied with a big grin. “But it’s sure nice to hear it once in awhile.”

And that’s the point of this story. We all want appreciation for the good things we do, but seldom do we receive it. Yet it takes but a moment to offer appreciation and it can uplift someone else’s life.

And when you do that, you will uplift your own for you can’t help but feel good when you see the joy you just brought to someone else.

Now apply this at work, sincerely expressing compliments where they are due. Did someone help you with a project? Pay for lunch? Remember your birthday? Tell them how much you appreciate it.

Did someone close a big deal? Get a promotion or a raise? Win an award? These are important things to them. Let them be important to you as well and express it.

If you sincerely care for others and offer them those well earned kind words, you will build a large following of supporters, and with their help you will have a powerful path to success.

Success Tip of the Week: Apply this at home. Offer your spouse or your child appreciation they too would love to hear and you will boost their self-esteem and your own for doing it.

Editor’s Note: The conversation with this County employee took place years ago and to update it I recently visited his garden. It is more beautiful than ever and filled with even more flowers.

In the next KazanToday: A man who turned a defeat into success and how you can too.

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