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Published on October 22nd 2019
Ethiopia: Reforesting a nation.

Photo: cimmyt.org

Rescuing the global environment may seem impossible.

But take heart, for action has begun. With 105-million people, Ethiopia is the 2nd most populous nation in Africa, trailing only Nigeria.

At the start of the 20th century, about 1/3 of Ethiopia was covered in trees, but now, with people having cleared the forests for fuel and agriculture and livestock production, it is just 4%.

However, with Ethiopia’s soil washing away, and its recurrent droughts and flooding, and because of climate change affecting the world, it decided to take drastic action.

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In a 12-hour period in late July, 23-million Ethiopians came together to plant 353 million trees.

Photo: cimmyt.org

But that’s just the beginning.

In its nationwide tree planting campaign, known as “Green Legacy,” Ethiopia is planting 4-billion trees during “the rainy season,” from May to October.

And Ethiopia is not alone.

In 2017, under the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative, Ethiopia was one of more than 20 African nations that committed to restore over 386,000 square miles of land by 2030.

In size, this is more than 9% of the entire United States land mass, including Alaska and Hawaii.

So, if the world’s environmental problems seem overwhelming, just know that many nations such as those in the African Initiative have begun taking action to address this crisis.

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here and here. And there are skeptics To learn more about the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative, click here. Thank you to www.kindspring.org for telling us of this compelling story.

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