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Published on January 3rd, 2017
Daniel Thompson: A school teacher who revolutionized bagel production.

Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson  

Today, a bagel, which is a very tasty bread product resembling a donut, can be found throughout the industrial world.

In many places, bagels are as popular as pizza, hamburgers or pasta.

But prior to the 1960's, bagels were made by hand in small numbers by Jewish craftsmen wherever there was a large Jewish population.

But Daniel's invention changed everything.

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Daniel's father Mickey was a Los Angeles bagel maker who for decades, tried unsuccessfully to make a bagel machine.

However, in his spare time, Daniel took his father's designs and working in his garage, in 1958 created the first viable bagel machine.

He then took his prototype machine to several manufacturers, all of whom rejected it, saying that the market for bagels was far too small to justify the expense.

But Daniel eventually persuaded a manufacturer to manufacture the Thompson Bagel Machine.

Thompson Bagel Machine
Thompson Bagel Machine  

Then in 1963 came a turning point. Another visionary, Murray Lender, head of a family run baking business, leased a bagel machine from Daniel.

Murray soon introduced the world to bagels, as he began mass producing and shipping frozen bagels from his New Haven, Connecticut Headquarters.

To this day, Lender's uses Thompson machines, and is one of the largest makers of bagels in the U.S. producing 3/4 of a billion bagels a year.

And all this happened because Daniel would not give-up on what he believed was a great idea.

Success Tip of the Week: If you have a great idea, like Daniel, pursue it if need be, in your spare time. The results could be amazing.

Editor's Note: To learn more: http://www.nytimes.com/, http://www.latimes.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/

In 2015, at the age of 94, Daniel passed away in Rancho Mirage, California. Thank you to my sister Lorrie Kazan for telling us of this wonderful story.

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