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Published on November 27th 2018
The Giving Closet of Carolyn Collins

Carolyn Collins
Carolyn Collins
Photo: goodmorningamerica.com

What is the Giving Closet?

It is a place where students of Tucker High School, a low-income school near Atlanta can go for food, clothing, shoes, toothpaste and other necessities, free of charge.

This creation, of 54-year-old custodian Carolyn Collins, had very interesting beginnings.

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One day four years ago, in the darkness and chill of the early morning, Carolyn heard a knock on the cafeteria door.

“Can we please come in,” the boy asked, even though it was two-hours before school would start. “Me and my sister are getting tired of waiting outside.”

It turned out they and their mother were homeless and the kids used the restrooms to get ready for school.

They had not eaten and had no money for food, so Carolyn got them cereal, milk and fruit.

“I knew that they weren’t the only kids at school who were struggling,” Carolyn told the Washington Post.

"And I thought, ‘I’m going to do whatever I can to help these kids. High school is hard enough without being homeless.’"

After work, Carolyn visited low cost stores and spent $200 on food, toiletries, underwear, pencils and notebooks, and the Giving Closet was born.

Today, any of the 1,800 Tucker students can ask Carolyn for food, clothing or whatever, and the Giving Closet doors open for them.

Donations also come from teachers and neighbors and as the word spread, Carolyn was invited to the Steve Harvey Show in Hollywood.

Donations now come from all over the world, as this great cause touches so many hearts.

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here, and to see her on The Steve Harvey Show, click here.

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